Hey, Guys, This Is How NOT to Compliment Women

Wendy Stokesby:


Fellas, we love when you give us compliments. We really do. Telling us how much you love our beautiful smiles or the way the light brings out her eyes are awesome compliments. But when you say “Hey, you look great for your age,” or “Damn, you look good for a skinny/fat/tall/short girl,” he’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

If you’re one of those clueless guys who actually thinks you’re up’ing a girl’s self-esteem, you need to take a hint from one of the following examples on what not to do. A Reddit user posed the question: “Ladies, what is a compliment men give that you don’t like?” A number of ladies unleashed their most hated compliments from men. Here are the top 10:

1. Men who feel the need to point out how big my tits are. A guy that I saw around campus DM’ed me on Instagram and said, “just thought you should know, you have some really big boobs.” No sh*t, they aren’t on my chest or anything. (captyoyogirl)

2. I think the best one recently is, “Oh, you don’t look like you’re Mexican”. “You’re so pretty for being Mexican.” Like what???? Am I supposed to have sombrero and mustache, orrrrrr??? (offensiveminds)

3. “You’re hot for an Asian” and “I’ve always wanted to get with an Asian”
1) didn’t know Asians were universally ugly, and that I’m an exception
2) thanks for reducing me to a check mark on your bucket list (69poop420)

4. “You’d make great wifey material” said by a guy who has never even met you. (wssw23)

5. “I like women like you. Cute, but not pretty.” Also, every time my family takes out our boat and puts it in the water I do the rope (pull it to the dock when it floats off the trailer). A man offers to help, I refuse, and then they comment on how amazing it is I was able to do that. Ive been doing it since I was 9, it’s not hard at all… (Kckc321)

6. I hate when I clearly have a handle on something and then a gaggle of guys come over trying to do it for me. I have two functional arms. I didn’t ask for help because I was able to do it. I understand that often it’s just a guy trying to be nice and show off for you, but you just took something from out of my hands like I was a child playing with something I shouldn’t have. That doesn’t feel good. It just makes you feel useless and unable to contribute. (maznyk)

7. “A lesbian? But you’re so pretty, you could find a boyfriend real quick.” (katieames)

8. I’d get guys making weird comments about how they looove tall girls. How all tall girls are “goddesses” that they want to put on a pedestal. How they always wanted an Amazon woman who can kick ass and dominate them and other weird stuff. I mean, if that’s your thing, great, but just because I was born with tall genes does not mean I am going to want to play giant warrior dominatrix with you and try to live up to some weird standard you have made up in your head. There is a difference between appreciating my height as part of the package, and fetishizing it to the point of ignoring everything else about me. (katielady125)

9. A guy desperate for attention: “Hey I noticed you have [insert flaw] … but it looks good on you!” The flaw is usually something pretty obvious that others are aware of but too polite to bring up: like a massive scar, messed up teeth, or a slightly lazy eye. Thanks, I’m aware of that particular feature and I try not to think about it or draw attention to it. Now my self-esteem is shot. (XenaWPM)

10. “You’re so pretty for a big girl” or “You’re so pretty for a black girl.” I’ve gotten neither, but heard both several times directed at friends. Like, how do some guys not hear how that sounds? Really? (jinxandrisks)

If your compliment ends in “for a…” and it’s not “you’re pretty fly for a white guy”, you’ve done it wrong. (eatpraymunt)

If you thought those were cray, you haven’t seen anything, yet. More responses here.

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