Home Improvement: 9 Ways To De-Grossify Your Bathroom For Under $50

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Whether “home” to you means a room, an apartment, or an entire house, you deserve to love the place you live. But it can be overwhelming to find cute updates to your place, especially when window-shopping at Sephora is much more fun. Well, you’re in luck. Hunting for cute, affordable home decor just happens to be my #1 favorite pastime. In this new column, I’ll find cute ways to decorate your home, all for under $50.

There’s nothing quite as depressing as a bathroom with mold coating the tub, hair carpeting the floor, and toothpaste caked onto the sink. Why do people let their bathrooms — arguably the room of your house you want most clean — turn into a big dump? (Pun totally intended.) You should take pride in a room you spend time in every day! I can’t make you sweep the hair linoleum, but I can encourage you to get organized and spruce up your loo with some color.

Here are cute ways to cute-ify your bathroom, none of which will break the bank:

1. Martha Stewart Toothbrush Holder: $14.99

Source: Home Design Lover

2. Whale Bath Mat: $16

Source: Pottery Barn

3. Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain: $14.99

Source: Amazon

4. Turquoise Cart: $49.99, IKEA

Source: The Container Store

5. Trash Can: $29.99

Source: Lazada Philippines

6. Martha Stewart Lotion Dispenser: $16.99

Source: Walmart

7. Vanity Mirror: $29

Source: Amazon

8. Safari Trinket Tray: $20

Source: Anthropologie

9. Lipstick Holder: $28, Anthropologie

Source: Anthropologie

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