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Most of the people are due for an upgrade once the duration of their old mobile phone contract ends which is usually 24 months in the UK. But what happens to the old mobile phone they have been using. According to one report to everyone’s mobile phone in use, there are four mobile phones collecting dirt in people’s homes. Most of these mobile phones spend the rest of their lives in drawers and lose all their value. This is not only a great loss to the economy but has drastic impacts on the environment. Although many people decide to sell their old devices, they do not know how to choose the way by which they can sell their old mobile phones. Choosing the right way is important as what you are offered can be very different depending on who did you sold your mobile phone to.

To a friend or family member

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Selling your mobile phone to a friend or a family member is much easier and the most economical way but make sure your mobile phone is in great nick especially when it comes to functionality. Because you do not want to keep hearing complaints. According to, the biggest benefit of selling your old mobile phone to a friend or a family member is the fact that you can always show them how much it is being sold for on eBay and how they can save by selling it to you. Also if you have a good reputation among your friends or family members, they will trust you and will be willing to pay you the market price because they know something might go wrong with a used mobile phone bought from elsewhere but if they buy it from you they can trust you.

Through facebook market place

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As far as the case of selling your old mobile phone through the Facebook marketplace is concerned it used to be a pretty good and reliable place a couple of years ago but now it seems like there are more sellers on the Facebook marketplace than actual buyers. that is one of the reasons whenever you put something up for sale on Facebook you start getting silly offers rather than inquiries from serious buyers. It’s much easier and hassle-free to sell your mobile phone through the Facebook marketplace than selling it through eBay. If you take eBay listing fee, sales fee and delivery fee into consideration along with the warranty which you have to offer it simply isn’t worth selling an expensive mobile phone through eBay. Another reason because of which I think eBay is not the right place to sell your old mobile phone is the fact that there are more business sellers on eBay than normal people who want to sell their used goods.

Sell your mobile phone to a Mobile Phone recycling company

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You can always try selling your old mobile phone to a mobile phone recycling company. Mobile phone recycling companies most of the time not only buy your old mobile phone but are also willing to pay you cash when you sell your old mobile phone which is in a broken state or has a damaged or cracked display. You have to be careful when you sell your old mobile phone to a mobile phone recycling company as not all mobile phone recycling companies are the same. Some of these companies focus on iPhones whereas others focus on Android devices and there are a lot many companies that do not entertain broken mobile phones. So going through a mobile phone recycling comparison website could be a nice idea.

In all circumstances, it’s always recommended to sell your old mobile phone before it loses all of its value and it’s not usable for anyone. Selling an old mobile phone is not only good for the environment, it also helps you raise some money for your new mobile phone.

Whenever you sell your old mobile phone you should take extra care to make sure all of your data is deleted and the mobile phone is set back to the factory settings before you send your mobile phone to a mobile phone recycling company. Although most of the mobile phone recycling companies assure that they are going to delete all of the data before the mobile phone is re-offered for sale, still you should make sure that all of the data is deleted and all SD cards and SIM cards are removed before you send your device for recycling.

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