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Ah, jewelry. The thing that has been around for millenniums making women and men more beautiful. A simple accessory like earrings, rings, bracelet, necklace or an anklet goes a long way when correctly combined. Though jewelry made from gold, silver, and precious stones is the most popular, it does cost quite a bit. And while it is a good birthday present or an anniversary gift not everyone can afford it.

Luckily, there are tons of regular retail shops as well as online ones offering beautiful jewelry pieces at a reasonable price. You can find a piece for all the occasions, whether it’s for daily use or a special event where you need to dress up more elegant. One of the best manufacturers of jewelry especially in the state of Florida is the SeaSpray jewelry. Every product is expected a few times before finally being shipped, and the quality is undisputed. This family business is situated between Pensacola and Panama City, at the Santa Rosa Beach.

Now, let’s take a look at some of their best and most recommended products!


What Are The Best Necklaces SeaSpray Jewelry Has To Offer

  1. Layered Silver Chain Necklace With Pearl Accents. Wow, this one just has everything you would from a silver-like chain. It is 16-inches long and has beautiful little pearls that are at every inch or so. This necklace is good both for casual style, and elegance, and is something people will be looking at. With the price of around $30, it is good as a Christmas, birthday or an anniversary gift, or something you will buy yourself out of pure enjoyment.
  2. Silver & Blue Starfish Pendant Necklace Set. At just $20 this IS an amazing offer. It includes one necklace and two Starfish inspired earrings. The size of the necklace is 16 inches, while the earrings are measured at 1.1 in. The beautiful blue starfish pendant takes this silver chain to a whole another level, and it is an excellent choice if you love sea-inspired
  3. Black Suede Choker Necklace with Pearl Pendant. Choker necklaces have been a huge thing for the past few years, and this one is great. It is simple, yet elegant. The necklace is black, and a beautiful pearl lies in the middle. A great choice for making a statement. The price is just $8!


What Are The Best Bracelets SeaSpray Jewelry Has To Offer


  1. 5 Freshwater Pearl Gold Bangle Bracelet with Hook Closure. This bracelet that contains five gold colored pearls, with a simple and thin hook closure is one of the best things SeaSpray jewelry is offering. A great gift, and even better for you to wear, this delicate bracelet is priced at $16
  2. 3-Piece Semi Precious Stone Stacking Bracelet. This is basically three bracelets covered in semi-precious stones that look like little Mars and Venus planets are most beautiful when put together. It is a good pick for a casual elegance combo and goes well with almost anything. The price is $25.
  3. Sea Glass Strech Antique Silver Bracelet. This one, with a price of $20 goes great with the above-mentioned earrings and necklace. It is made out of pleasant sea glass and inspired by seashell For any beach occasion, this is a great choice.


What Are The Best Earrings SeaSpray Jewelry Has To Offer



  1. Gold Wire Wrapped 3 6MM Freshwater Pearl Earrings. With each piece containing 3 pearls embedded with gold, these earrings are sure to go well with any elegant outfit you put on. The price of $15 is a bargain, and you can’t miss this one!
  1. Burgundy Thread Tassel Teardrop Drop Earrings. These tassel earrings are a beautiful and fun way to show the other side of your personality. Though these come in various colors, burgundy is our way to go as it is absolutely brutal! A sure buy, at the price of $16!


What Are The Best Anklets SeaSpray Jewelry Has To Offer



  1. Gold Rhinestone Slider Anklet. This 10-inch long anklet is beautiful, with those rhinestones facing the one who looks and enjoys. While not that invasive, this anklet is sure to be noticed at every event. Buy it for $12 and never give a second thought!
  2. Multi Color Beaded Gold Starfish Anklet. This handmade bracelet is in our opinion easily one of the best sea-inspired items SeaSpray jewelry has to offer. With multi-colored beads and starfish inspired accents, it doesn’t get much better. The price is $13!


What Are The Best Rings SeaSpray Jewelry Has To Offer


  1. Turquoise Stone Silver Strech Ring. As soon as we saw this one we were all ordering it. It is a beautiful ring, simple yet effective. The turquoise semi-precious stone steals all the show and is sure to go well with any black or even burgundy combo that you put on. Buy it for $16 and enjoy every second of it!


Though we just scratched the surface on what SeaSpray jewelry has to offer, these are our favorites, but we still recommend you to go, visit them and pick a perfect set for yourself and your loved ones!

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