How Smartphone Tracking Software Works

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Due to recent technological advancements in the smartphone industry, giant tech companies have made it possible for apps and software to track your every movement. This is done through the apps themselves, but the intention is far from malicious.

While it can be a daunting thought to think that someone tracks your every movement, the tracking software on smartphones is used for a variety of helpful tasks. As one might imagine, people love to travel the world. But when in another country, you’re on unfamiliar grounds, so one way to get a better view of how to get from point A to point B is to use the tracking software on your smartphone. This is the same software that Google uses on their Google Maps, and various other apps use to help you navigate better.

How does Smartphone Tracking work?

In order for your smartphone to track your location, the “Location” feature needs to be enabled. This is a pretty straightforward task that involves a single tap on your smartphone screen. Once the location is ON, it uses GPS satellites to pinpoint your location. Once your Location is ON, you can see all the stuff around you when you’re browsing Google Maps or any other app or software to navigate. Having the Location disabled means that coffee shops, restaurants, and such will not show up as the GPS satellite cannot locate your device. It also eliminates the use of the widely popular feature on most navigation apps called “Directions.” You can always read more about how GPS works with tracking software.

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The Directions feature allows you to insert two locations on your navigation app, or tracking software, one is your Point A and the other is Point B. Then it will tell you the fastest route how to get from Point A to Point B, and how you can get there.

How Smartphone Tracking Software Works?

Much like the previous point software that tracks your smartphone location works through the use of GPU and satellites. The GPU helps in tracking down the geographical location of your device, or any other device.

What you need to do in most cases is install the software, create an account, and start tracking yours or someone else’s phone. Most smartphone tracking software is used for monitoring children or employees. So naturally, you will have the software installed before handing it to your kid or employee.

What Extra Features Does Tracking Software Have?

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• SMS Tracking

If you have such software installed on a device, it can track all the messages the device sends and receives. It also monitors who the person sending and receiving your device’s messages. Much like an ordinary text, it shows the date, time, recipient, and content of the SMS.

• Call Tracking

Much like an SMS tracker, call tracking is also possible through such software. With call tracking, you can get full call history of the device in question and you would get a better understanding of who your employee or kid is communicating with.

• App Tracking

Another cool feature that tracking software has is the ability to track IM apps like Viber, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, What’s App, and more. If you have tracking software installed on a device, it is possible to gain the full track record of activities done on such apps. Another feature that tracking software has is the ability to browse a device’s internet history.

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