How to get Perfect White Teeth like Celebrities

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If you were to ask, what is the first thing people notice about you that really reels them in, the answer would be their smile. Yes, smiling is known to be the ice breaker in almost all cases but it isn’t quite exactly all the time. Everyone can smile, but the thing about your smile that people notice is your teeth. Now you wouldn’t want to be smiling at people baring your yellow or dull white teeth, it is always the pearly whites that catch the most attention. When we look at pictures of celebrities we notice they’re usually always smiling with a toothy grin and sometimes wish we also had such white teeth. They might be spending a lot to achieve those results but that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt inexpensive means of having pearly whites too. Here are 5 top picks on how to achieve the kind of perfection that celebrities possess.

Be cautious of whatever you’re putting inside your mouth

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The first thing we will cover is going to be a white teeth diet. It does sound a bit confusing, to begin with, but it’s one of the most vital as well as beneficial for ensuring sound health to your enamel. Not only are you keeping your teeth white, but you’re also eliminating some very harmful substances. Some people may indulge in the little delights of life such as oolong tea, red wine or even cigarettes. Meanwhile, some people may feel having soft drinks may not make a difference but in reality, those are the very substances which will harm your teeth in the long run. Cutting these off of your list will greatly benefit since you’re eliminating threats to your teeth and body as a whole. You may want to drop these entirely and move to fruits and salads, and maybe, even enjoy a glass of milk. These substances will not just strengthen your teeth but also stop their unwanted discoloration. So, next time you grab a bite to eat, you had better rethink what it may do to your teeth.

Change that year-old toothbrush you’ve been using

For those who are so concerned about brushing your teeth that it may benefit you, have you ever questioned yourself if you’re doing it the right way? It has been shown that over the course of using your brush, it often becomes old, therefore, weak at doing its job right. Moreover, it collects bacteria over the course of usage, so you’re basically brushing those bacteria back onto your teeth if you haven’t replaced after three months. It is often advised that you change the head of your toothbrush ever so often that you always get the best results when brushing your teeth.  Once you have the toothbrush ready for action, it is advised that you brush your teeth twice a day. That is, when you wake up, and right before hitting the bed at night. Any more may ruin the enamel of your teeth as well as right after finishing a meal. Follow the best brushing procedures to get the best results. Brush softly in a circular motion and soon you’ll notice your teeth glinting like pearly whites.

There are foods that cleanse your mouth inside

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We’ve talked about food once already but there are special kinds of food which benefit you when you’re chewing on them. They’re called ‘detergent’ foods and are described as foods that clean your teeth while you eat, for their crispy and clean nature. They don’t leave much residual trace but do help your teeth by removing the residual film off the gums. Raw vegetables like carrots or celery will naturally brush your teeth while you eat, and here is a personal favorite that you may consider to popcorn. So next time you’re enjoying a bowl of popcorn at the movies, know that you’re also helping your teeth.

More home remedies to bring those pearly whites back

While we tackle the case of “special care” we cannot simply leave out the baking soda and its benefits to your teeth. Brushing your teeth once a week using baking soda will brighten your teeth, polish off those nasty stains and help in removing plaque, which itself could land you at the dentists for plaque removal. Just add a bit of baking soda to your toothpaste before you brush your teeth and you’re good to go. An alternative to this could be salt which works just as well since this will ease any pain you may feel in your gums. You’ll notice the difference once you start brushing your teeth with these magical substances which are just lying around your home.

Gurgle using the mouthwash for fresher breath

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We can not leave out the importance of using mouthwash. You may think it’s just for bad breath, but if you’re struggling with bad breath there is a serious underlying cause. Accumulation of bacteria in the mouth causes bad breath and these sniveling micro-organisms aren’t just causing bad breath. They even eat away on the enamel of your teeth which causes teeth discoloration. It is advised to properly rinse your mouth with mouthwash and following the steps, which are provided on the bottle for the most effective cleaning. It is also advised to brush your tongue while brushing your teeth since bacteria may accumulate in the tongue which often goes unnoticed. Make sure to eliminate the bacteria for the best results.


The tips provided will show its results and you too will have that alluring smile of celebrities without having to spend a penny on expensive dental care.  Just follow the steps and smile your way to glory.

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