How To Improve Your Skin And Nail Health

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Did anyone tell you that the beauty that is on the outside comes from the inside? Well, apart from the fact that you will shine if you act well towards others, this also applies to the fact that your diet has a huge effect on your looks. And not just when it comes to physics.

Skin is the largest organ of a human, taking more than 70% of the whole body. Saying this it is clear that keeping skin healthy is pretty important, and skin conditions are something that should be immediately addressed. While some skin conditions are genetically predisposed, other are simply caused by your daily routine and diet. And same it is with the nails – natural, healthy nails are a beautiful thing, but the speed they grow at and the health of the same solely depend on you. Let’s take a look at the natural changes that you can apply in your daily routine and diet in order to have healthier skin and nails!


What To Do For Healthier Skin And Nails

  1. First and foremost, you should exercise! As it is beneficial for many things, regular exercise is beneficial for your skin and nail health as well. The thing is by exercising you allow your body to sweat out all the toxins and waste products that are hiding below your skin. Along with that your blood flow is increased thus leading to better nutrient absorption, and again allowing the liver to effectively remove the harmful radicals.
  2. Along with that hygiene is a crucial thing, and we are not talking about body hygiene only. You should be washing your bed sheets and pillow sheets on a regular basis as these collect dirt, debris, and bacteria. Also, clean your nails and face few times a day with pure water, and exercise makes sure that it is a hot one (that way you will remove any dirt or sweat on your skin).
  3. Don’t be afraid of salt. When we are saying this, we are talking about the sea salt that your skin will absorb while swimming. It is crucial for your skin and nail health as it provides it with magnesium and multiple vitamins and minerals, and helps your skin retain moisture!
  4. When it comes to diet changes the first thing you want to include more of is Believe it, or not your skin and nails (as well as hair) contain a lot of protein mostly being elastin, collagen, and keratin. These form the structure and keep your skin and nails healthy. Thus, including more protein-rich foods like seafood, fish, chicken, beef, eggs, dairy products as well as legumes is crucial!

Source: UPMC HealthBeat

  1. Along with that, it is essential to get enough of omega-3 and omega-6 fats in your diet. Here the balance between the two is the key in order to get enough of the health-boosting. Both of these fats suppress inflammation and increase skin and nail health when taken in balance, as too much omega-6 can cause allergies and even inflammation. Get your fats from fish, seafood, and nut
  2. If you don’t want cracky and pale skin and nails include more iron in your diet. You can get it from meat, eggs and plant products such as legumes and whole grains which contain skin and nail beneficial vitamin B and vitamin E!
  3. Along with the essential vitamin B and vitamin E, be sure to include a lot of citrus fruits that will provide you with the much-needed vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes collagen production, and along with the vitamin A (found in carrots for example) cleans your body of free radicals and stimulates anti-oxidants.
  4. Remember including enough fluids in your diet is crucial and water and tea are your best choices! Water keeps your skin, hair, and nails hydrated while black and green teas are rich in flavonoids which can protect from UV and keep your skin and nails healthier in general.
  5. Last, but not least are the supplements. Biotin is one of the most important nutrients when it comes to skin health – it protects your skin and nails from toxins as well as UV. Eggs, lean meats, and almonds are abundant with biotin, but for a more convenient option, you can take a look at the chair, skin, and nails gummies. These include vitamin C, vitamin E as well as biotin and when combined with a healthy and balanced diet are an excellent choice. A pack of 60-pills that have mixed berry flavor cost only $15 so be sure to check that out at!



Taking care of your skin and nails is crucial for your looks and health in general. And as you can see it is nothing hard either – it takes just a couple of changes in your routine and diet. So don’t wait for a second longer, go and make your skin, hair, and nails shine bright like a diamond!

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