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If you like Ikea because of DIY work, maybe you are a person who would install an Air Conditioner as well? If it seems like it’s difficult, then you should know that you are probably wrong. It is easy and we will show you why and how.

Window Air Conditioner DIY

This is the most reliable and cost-effective solution. You’ll keep your room cool without bothering with installation service. And the best thing about it, when summer decides to leave, you can remove the AC easily.


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The first thing you should check is the size of the room, and to adjust the AC unit according to rooms square footage. ACs performance also depends on the number and size of doorways and the number of people residing in it. When buying an AC also consider energy efficiency rating. It should include features like sleep, variable fan speeds, temperature controls, etc.

Since units can be heavy, it is best to have the assistance of at least one person. You don’t want the AC to fall down on someone. Before drilling holes, pre-fit the attachments. Be sure to secure the air-tight window fit. Most ACs come with a kit with window extensions and mounting brackets, but the easiest installation is double-hung windows.

Be sure to have a grounded outlet, and don’t use the same power circuits as for other appliances like refrigerators, dryers, etc. Check if nothing outside can block the airflow and before buying the AC, measure the opening so if the window is too small, you won’t need to buy additional brackets for attaching on an exterior wall. Place the AC in the window sill and don’t release until its standing solid. Then slide the extensions to fill the emptiness on the sides. Most models have a slight tilt for condensation drainage, so be sure it is positioned correctly. Lower the window pane to fasten it and lock it into place. Most ACs have a top rail that prevents movement once locked. Use all materials provided by the manufacturer to seal tightly, like weatherstripping. If it’s not enough, use plywood to seal openings. Check the air-filter regularly and don’t remove it for storage if you don’t need to. Since unfastening can result in Ac falling down.

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Wall-mounted AC

If you don’t have tools and necessary knowledge, don’t try it since you may additionally damage the unit.

Central AC is the most effective way of cooling your house. It is more secure than a window mounted one.

First of all, choose the right spot, near to the center of the room as it can get, and near a power outlet. Mark the nearby studs with a pen, you’ll only need one stud except in older houses where they are spaced one foot apart. Measure the AC’s dimension and mark it on the wall. Plunge one-inch trough the interior wall and cut the insulation if you have it, with a knife. If you stumble upon electrical wires, be sure to call a licensed electrician to reroute them before proceeding. Use a power drill from the interior to drill every 4 corners and stencil an outline using drilled holes. Cut trough exterior with a circular saw and hand saw for 2 by 4s for the top hole. Then measure 2 by 4s and saw to fir on the top of vertical wall studs. Use the level and hammer with nails into opposing studs. Drive a nail through the vertical cut studs and repeat the process other 2 by 4s. Before mounting the AC, use the level to make certain if the plumb is a bracket. After mounting apply the caulk on the outside to prevent air and water leaking. Typical AC is secured with nuts and bolts, slide the AC into the hole. And if it has any exterior mounting braces, be sure to install them as well. Run caulk between the unit and exterior shingles. Plug the unit and power it.

But if you don’t like or have time for handy work, there is always an option to call AC installation service. If you need AC installation in NYC, there are plenty to choose from. Or you can search on Yelp. Best luck with mounting the AC!

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