How You Can Learn English By Teaching It

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Learning the English language is nothing if it isn’t flexible. This means that you can do it at any pace, insist on whatever aspect you prefer, and learn what you like when you like it. Your progress might be slower or faster, but in the long run, speed isn’t everything. Actually enjoying the process and getting something for your effort is the best reward any English learner can ask for.

There’s more than one way to learn

There are literally tens of methods and techniques through which anyone can increase their knowledge and learn faster and more thoroughly. Getting appropriate textbooks, signing up for a class that caters specifically to the level you are at or approaching less popular but just as effective alternative methods of learning English like listening to music and movies, reading a book or conversing with a native speaker can be a great way to increase your English speaking abilities.

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As we have seen in previous articles there is no correct and wrong way of learning the language, it’s more a mix of going outside your comfort zone, trying new things and sticking by the ones that give back the best results. Combining as many methods of learning to get the experience that best suits you.

Another method one can improve your knowledge, one that can’t be considered alternative or conventional is teaching. Of course, it sounds weird, but any lesson a student learns thoroughly can be taught by the same student, sometimes more successfully than a teacher as he better understands the challenges and difficulties of learning the language.

This method might not be the best way to start learning, but any intermediate student can gain a lot by teaching beginners or students who struggle with aspects he has mastered. It doesn’t require any qualities other than patience. By doing this, you can help your friends or classmates advance and get a better grasp of what you once learned. You can actually test the level you are at, how well you remember the material and see if you need to improve yourself. The great news about learning the language is that it doesn’t matter what your current level is. While there are a lot of self-learning methods, you can always find a suitable class such as Progress English in Bristol.

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It is also a perfect method to recapitulate what you already learned without getting too bored. The fact that it will involve two or more people will also mean that you can improve your speaking skills or get over fears of speaking in front of larger audiences.

Learn, relearn and recapitulate

This method of learning, relearning and recapitulating can also help you earn some extra money. While some English classes are free, most of them cost a considerable amount of money. If you can spare the time, you could take on a couple of students and offer your services for a sum that benefits all people involved.

How You Can Learn English By Teaching It

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By teaching others, you will also practice your speaking, writing and reading skills, something that you might never end up doing if you would just continuously advance to newer chapters of the English learning process. Your students can even bring up interesting questions or open up new aspects that you haven’t yet mastered.

In conclusion, disregard the ridiculous saying “those who can’t do, teach” and improve your English skills in a way that will prove to be a completely unique experience.

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