I Want To Go There: An Airplane Hotel High Above The Costa Rican Jungle

Dragana Stepicby:


There’s first class and then there’s FIRST CLASS.

Joining the mile high club just got so much easier thanks to the genius who decided to turn an emptied-out Boeing airplane from the 1960s into a hotel suite situated high above the Costa Rican jungle.

Located on a coastal bluff near the edge of Manuel Antonio National Park, The 727 Fuselage Home is  nested in between trees and sits atop a series of 50-foot pedestals overlooking trees, ocean and picturesque rainforest. The plane has been completely refurbished and updated with teak paneling throughout, and a glowing skylight and several chandeliers have also been installed. The Fuselage Home also includes a large lobby, two bedrooms, a TV area, kitchenette and dining space with two terraces over each of the plane’s wings, allowing views of the ocean and sunset. The shower and cockpit look over the rainforest (freakin’ awesome), but the best seat on the plane is in the Master Bedroom: one big window seat where monkeys frolic. Yes, please!

The best part? From September through November, The 727 Fuselage Home only costs $250 per night, plus tax. Count me in.

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