9 Best Picnic Food Ideas

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Whether it’s a tailgating get-together, a trip to the beach, a Saturday spent on a nearby park, or a camping trip, it’s good to plan ahead for picnic food ideas. And, you can make your outdoor gathering become an exciting experience by going for foods that you can grill. Consider bringing a portable grill along for your picnic.

Let’s talk about portable grills briefly because that’s what you would need for your outdoor fun-gathering and get-to-together. According to the Seriously Smoked, what you need to consider basically is the grill’s weight as well as your picnic location. You definitely wouldn’t want to take a heavy grill with you. So, you should go for a light-weight grill that comes with a carrying bag. Alternatively, you can go for portable ones with easy-to-grip-handles.

Also, you need to choose between charcoal and gas portable. For instance, if you love the delectable smoky taste of barbecues, you would want to go for a charcoal grill that can be conveyed in an air-tight bag.

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Top Picnic Food Ideas

Now that you have an idea of the type you should purchase for a picnic, it’s time to learn about food ideas, especially grill-able foods that are both healthy and delectable and would make your picnic day.

1. Grilled Vegetables

Even for nonfans of vegetables, the smoky taste and sweetness of eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, corn, and peppers cooked can be really mouth-watering. You should consider a balsamic marinade for this picnic food idea — however, you and your picnic partners will also enjoy grilled vegetables sprinkled with a small portion of kosher salt and brushed with olive oil prior to putting it on the hot grill.

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2. Basic Beef-Can Chicken

This menu idea shouldn’t put you off because it’s not what you think. I mean, it’s not too low-brow. You will be surprised at how tender the meat will be — in fact; it will even fall off the bone.

3. Grilled Pizza with Pancetta

This recipe is a great way to learn an easy way of grilling a pizza. You should combine the pizza with pancetta, fontina, and porcini. All you need to do is add your favorite toppings once the basics are in place.

Barbecued chicken pizza and ham are the favorites of Californians, and of course, people everywhere are familiar with pineapple. You can consider spinach and feta cheese if your preference is cheese and vegetables only. The good news is that you can buy fresh pizza dough in most supermarkets. Alternatively, you can prepare your own dough.

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4. Chinatown Ribs

The origin of these ribs is a well-known appetizer commonly found in Chinese restaurants. They are very crimson, shiny, and dark, combined with a candy-sweet crust and tender meat inside. These ribs are among the tastiest ribs you can find anywhere — they combine the sweet taste of five-spice powder and really taste better than roast pork.

5. Lamb Burgers and Yoghurt Cucumber Sauce

All over the world, grilled ground meats are commonly barbecued during an outdoor event. Try using lamb instead of beef — this is the Greek master’s recipe. Use the Greek flavors of mint, oregano, and garlic to make the burgers even tastier and serve on pita bread.

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6. Grilled Fish Steak

Target about 4 minutes for each side of salmon or other fish steaks. This is indeed a faster meal to enjoy while picnicking, and it is really good and delicious.

Other healthy picnic food ideas include;

7. Roast Chicken or Wrap Sandwiches

You can try something different by going for roast chicken instead of the fried option. Another idea is to make wrap sandwiches. In addition to being easy to carry around, wraps are also very nutritious when you prepare them with lean meat, veggies, and light dressing or salsa.

Ground turkey burgers or lean beef burgers are great healthy picnic food ideas that will cut back fat and calories. Other delicious and healthy menu ideas for a picnic include veggie burgers, pork tenderloin, and chicken breasts; try brushing these with barbecue sauce while topping with tomato, lettuce, or other veggies. If you prefer a hot dog, you are better off going for the lower-fat brands, or the turkey dog option.

Source: Vos Barbecues

8. Healthy Beverages

Dehydration can happen easily while playing outdoors, and you may not even know you are dehydrated. Children particularly tend to lose fluids easily and wouldn’t want to take a break from their fun to drink something.

During a picnic, the best bet is to drink plenty of fluids such as unsweetened iced tea, sparkling water, ice water, and varieties of other low-calorie beverages, in order to beat the heat. Other great options include frozen fruit pops.

9. Sensational Salads

Try not to pack high-calorie salads in your picnic basket — typical examples include mayonnaise-based salads that can also encourage bacterial growth, resulting in foodborne illness. Instead, you should go for dressings that have more vinegar or fruit juices and less oil.

Finally, planning ahead of time is the key to actualizing these top picnic food ideas.

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