Is masturbation bad? Surprising health benefits and more!

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Many of us do not feel comfortable to openly talk about masturbation yet still, it is one of the most common activities among teens and adults. It’s true that masturbation is totally normal, however, the topic is surrounded by taboos and, sometimes, shame. Although we do not openly talk about it, the truth is that the vast majority of people, whether they are single or not, masturbates from time to time. And, considering the fact that masturbation feels amazing when it’s done right, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. This article, however, does not focus on masturbating itself. Instead, we will have a look at a topic related to masturbation that is far less known but just as interesting: it’s health benefits.

That’s right, masturbation actually brings along a number of health benefits for you to enjoy! Playing yourself does not only feel good but it can also have a positive influence on both your mental and physical health. And although there are many stories and myths about the harmful physical side effects of masturbation, none of these have actually been proven. It is, however, important to keep in mind not to overdo it! Excessive masturbation may not be harmful to your body, but it can still affect your social life and relationships. As of such, it’s important to control yourself and don’t do it too often. There is nothing wrong with masturbating a couple of times per week. It’s fun and, perhaps even more important, good for your health!

You can masturbate in many different ways. Whereas some wish to use their hands, others prefer a sex toy. The use of adult toys certainly is more common among women who generally consider the vibrator to be their favorite. Men, however, prefer to use their hands. Those men who do masturbate with toys consider the pocket pussy to be the best male sex toy as it delivers the most realistic masturbation experience.

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Listed below, you’ll find the most important health benefits of masturbation. Have a quick look and see for yourself why it’s not a bad thing to play yourself once or twice a week.

Quick stress relief

When we talk about stress relief, most people instantly think about yoga or meditation. But did you know that masturbation actually is one of the best ways to reduce your stress levels? That’s right! Masturbating helps you relax and it reduces your stress. Although masturbation may not be as effective as having actual sex, it still helps. During masturbation, your brain releases certain chemicals and substances that help you get rid of the stress you’ve built up throughout the day. But this is not all! Being stressed often leads to high blood pressure. Therefore, if you lower your stress levels through masturbation, you indirectly lower your blood pressure. By doing so, you help your body battle against heart disease and diabetes.

Reduce muscle pain

Masturbation does not only help you relax in a mental way, but also in a physical way. When you masturbate, and especially after you have an orgasm, your whole body enters a state of relaxation. As of such, masturbation offers a great way to fight muscle pains and cramps all throughout your body. And for the women among us, it has been proven that masturbation even helps to relieve menstrual cramps.

Better sleep

For those of you who have trouble falling asleep at night, we have great news. Masturbation can be directly related to better sleep for both men and women. It has been proven that, after a person climaxes, he falls asleep easier and faster. But this is not all because, once he is asleep after having a climax, the sleep quality will be much better than normally. This benefit should not come as a total surprise, considering it takes a lot of energy for your body to orgasm. Added to that, during both masturbation and actual sex, your body releases sleep-inducing hormones. Although it might not be a nice thing to fall asleep directly after having sex with your partner, it does bring along a great benefit for when you’re masturbating on your own.

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Release sexual tension

Some people may suffer from a high sexual tension. In some cases, the desire to have sex can be so high that it affects your daily tasks. It feels annoying and can significantly reduce your productivity. Everybody can suffer from sexual tension sometimes, however, it mostly happens to people who are single and don’t have a partner. But luckily for the people who are suffering from this, there is a simple way to get rid of your high sexual tension; masturbation! That’s right, masturbating is a great way to release sexual tension as, after you had an orgasm, your desire for sex will be significantly lower.

Enjoy better sex

Sex and masturbation are often seen as two completely different things. The truth is, however, that being good at masturbation can also improve your sexual performance in bed with a partner! This is the case especially for women because masturbation offers a great way for them to get to know their body. As a result, women are able to find out what really turns them on which, in turn, makes them more confident about their own body. Once you know what really makes you feel food, you can apply these techniques later on when having sex with your partner. This benefit can be enjoyed by both men and women as better sex is something nobody says no to.

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