Is Swiping Right On Tinder Considered Cheating?

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Beware of blurry lines

Online dating is becoming easier and easier to participate in. Gone are the days when you had to fill in super long questionnaires, drain your bank account and wait for professional matchups from dating companies like amolatina. These days all you need is an internet connection and your smartphone or PC. With these, you are ready to play cupid and take control of your own love life.

Despite this change making everything so convenient, it bears one major disadvantage. The problem is that it allows unlimited access to singles for people in committed relationships or those headed to that status. However, there is the fierce debate on whether showing interest online is considered cheating. What makes it even trickier is the fact that most of these online flings with committed individuals never get physical. Below is a deeper look into this trend with a definitive answer on whether or not it is acceptable if you are in a relationship.

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It isn’t always black and white

If you look but do not touch have you done something wrong? It is the biggest question when it comes to the debate on this topic. People who consider it ok see it as harmless flirting that poses no threat to the relationship. One popular reason for doing it is for an ego boost. Others do it out of curiosity while most keep swiping right for fun. Whatever the reason, there is a tendency to justify the actions by the lack of physical contact.

It’s not acceptable behavior

There is more to cheating than physical intimacy. Swiping right behind your girlfriend or boyfriend’s back is not ok. If you are not fully convinced, here are a few reasons.

1. It is a breach of trust

When you get into a relationship, you commit to each other. It doesn’t matter whether it is a decades-long marriage or a brand new relationship. A wandering eye will tamper with the trust that you worked so hard to build and is therefore not a good idea.

2. It is a sign of discontentment

If you feel the need to go online to see what else is out there, then the chances are that you do not feel satisfied in your relationship. So end what you have and find something that truly completes you. If you don’t want to take such a drastic move, then get ready to accept and appreciate what you have.

3. It is a slippery slope that often leads to cheating

It starts with a right swipe. Then that leads to some flirty texting. Before you know it you end up taking things too far and drowning in guilt. The trajectory taken by clandestine relationships started online usually takes this path. You might think it is all fun and innocent now, but it is a straight road to infidelity town. It just takes everyone a different amount of time to get there.



In a nutshell, it is not ok to swipe right or start an online fling while you are in a relationship. It might seem like a non-issue to you, but it just might be what breaks your relationship. To avoid temptation, make radical steps including deleting all your online dating accounts. If your relationship doesn’t work out, you could always open new ones or reactivate the old to give it another try. Just don’t walk two paths at the same time. It won’t end well.

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