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            Pond Mobile is the first international operator that provides mobile services worldwide. It’s there to give you an ideal and secure communication around the world for a fixed price.
Pond Mobile is created with the goal to meet the needs of those who travel frequently and want the impeccable mobile communication no matter where they go. Your time is expensive, and they know it. Don’t waste it on poor communication. With Pond Mobile services in your pocket, you can feel at home anywhere.

            They allow you to be mobile and stay in touch with the rest of the world. For a fixed monthly price, you can travel anywhere from anywhere, text, call, and surf, and pay no roaming charges. In addition to your current number, Pond Mobile provides you with a new local number in more than 90 popular countries. You receive the calls to your Pond Mobile number wherever you are. You get the whole world in one phone.

The person you are communicating with will see the local number you choose or, in case you’re missing a local number, they will see your US number.
In case you decide to use the services of Pond Mobile, thanks to the agreement they have with major operators worldwide, you can also benefit from the priority access to GSM networks and LTE worldwide.
You also have a 24/7 global support in six languages at your disposal, and a personal VIP international calling manager is assigned to each user.


Pond Mobile currently offers 6 different plans you can choose from depending on your needs.

Social Roaming+ plan offers unlimited use of social networks and messengers all over the world plus 2GB for everything else. If you opt for this plan, you also get the “PondFone” application that gives you 250 minutes of calling to mobile and landline numbers in 122 countries around the world. US number for incoming calls is also offered to you.
Every new user has an option to use the Smart Caller ID feature.

With Silver Plan, you get 1500 Units (each Unit equals 1 minute of voice call or 1 Mb of data), 250 SMS, 1 local number for incoming calls as well as a Smart Caller ID option for one country. Again you get to keep your existing number and get a new one in 90 different countries.
Pond Mobile gives you the unlimited use of mobile and internet services in the United States with every plan.

With the Gold plan, you get even more. With 2500 Units, 500 SMS, 2 local numbers for incoming calls and Smart Caller ID option for 2 countries, you truly get everything you need to stay in touch with the entire world.

Platinum Plan gives you 4000 Units, 750 SMS, 3 local numbers for incoming calls and a Smart Caller ID for 3 countries.
And still, that’s not the end of it. If you’re ready to go to all in and make sure you truly have everything, you can go one step further with the VIP plan.

With the VIP plan, you get unlimited, yes, unlimited, local and international calls, Internet and SMS. You’re also given 5 local numbers for incoming calls and a Smart Caller ID option for 5 countries. Pond Mobile is proving to us that the world truly can fit inside a pocket.
If you’re interested in an even more elite way of communicating, you can visit the pondmobile.com and contact them asking about their Gold Numbers plan. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Another way Pond Mobile is proving how much they care about their customers is through their Referral program. For every person you refer to starts using the services of Pond Mobile, you get $25 off your bill every month while the contract of the person you referred is active.
If you’re a VIP user, you get $50 off.

Pond mobile is offering you the world, why not accept it?

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