Just What You Always Wanted: A Baseball Cap With A Built-In Ponytail



Having a bad hair day? Prematurely balding? Just looking for a change in your look? Throw out your hair brush and please, for the love of God, put down the Rogaine because the ponytail baseball cap is here to save you. And yes, by “save you” we actually mean “make you look completely insane.” But who cares about crazy when you’ve got a full ponytail of shiny, blond, synthetic hair? No one, that’s who. Friends and enemies alike won’t be able to help but notice the new luster in your locks and you’ll never have to be self-conscious about having a thin, mangy pony again! If you really want to get serious about thicker hair, consider combining your own with the hat’s ponytail for a truly full mane, no matter if yours is an entirely different color! In the pursuit of beauty, sacrifices must be made, after all. [$17, Kohl’s]


Original by Lily Q

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