Justin Bieber’s Dad On Justin Bieber’s Dick: “#Proud”

Wendy Stokesby:


Hello. Maybe you’d like to sit down before I share this news with you. Maybe you would like to take a deep breath and go get some water first.

Here is Justin Bieber’s father. His name is Jeremy Bieber, and he’s pictured here with Justin’s mom, Patti. Biebz the Younger is flanked by the two parents who mashed their body parts together to make the fine, strapping young man we have today:

Here’s what Jeremy Bieber, father of Justin, tweeted today:

In what universe is this acceptable, I beg of you. Please send help and condolences, I fear I have perished and will be blogging henceforth from beyond the grave.

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Original by Megan Reynolds @mega_hurt

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