Ladies, This Is What Your Man Wants You to Know When He’s Going Down on You

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Ladies, let’s be honest: We all love a little oral action from our guys, right? If you didn’t know, your man loves it just as much as you do, but he may have a few issues with doing it. It has nothing to do with smell or taste but rather general oral etiquette. He wants you to lay back, relax, and enjoy the slide of his tongue, but with the following rules in mind. This is what he wants you to be aware of when going down on you:

1. Get Comfortable

First thing’s first: You have to feel comfortable in your own sexy skin. Get out of your head, get into the mood, and get into bed. If you’re feeling the moment, touch yourself and engage with him. Show him that you’re all for what’s about to go down—him.

2. Your Pubes, Your Choice

Whether you like to have a landing strip or prefer to be smoother than a baby’s bottom, the way you groom down there is totally your choice. Most guys don’t really care about what’s going on with your landscaping situation, but who wants to come up with a mouth full of pubes? Ew.

3. Communicate

In any situation, communication is key, but right here, right now, it’s a must. You have to tell your partner your wants and needs. He’s not going to know that you like him to make the figure-8 on your clit if you don’t tell him. Speak up!

4. Lead the Way

Your man isn’t going to mind if you grab his head and lead him to places that’ll make you go wild. Help him help you reach pure bliss.

5. Let Him Breathe

He has the ability to hold his breath for some time, but let’s be real: Your man does not have the lungs of a blue whale. He doesn’t mind you sitting on his face, but don’t be mad if he needs to come up for air every now and again. I mean, suffocation isn’t sexy. Let the man catch his breath!

6. Know When to Tap Out

If he’s doing all he can but it’s just not doing it for you, by all means, TELL HIM. You’re not going to hurt his feelings, but you should be open, be honest, and admit to him that it’s not going to happen. But if it is, by all means do the next one ASAP.

7. Alert Him

No one likes a wet surprise. Let him know when you’re about to reach the big O.

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