Lifelike Dolls Look So Real They’re Confused For Human Babies And It’s Super Creepy



There are few things more spine-tingling than a genuinely creepy baby. Their tiny bodies and beady eyes will examine you like a newly arrived alien studying its next victim. However, there is indeed a creation more sinister than a human baby itself, and that is the creepy baby doll lookalikes who appear so realistic even the cops are creeped out.

Last month, a New Hampshire policeman was called into a Walmart parking lot to examine what passerby assumed was a human baby left in a hot car. Little did he know it was actually a demonic lifelike baby doll sitting in wait to humiliate and terrify him. The small specter of plastic evil was deceitfully tucked under a light blanket (as a real baby might be), with its tiny fake feet nestled in booties when officer Jason Short arrived on the scene. Seeing the abominable toy through the window, he thought it was a (possibly dead) neglected child, and he immediately broke through the window to attempt to save the child. Next to the child sat a bottle of milk, further confirming its realness to the officer as he started CPR.

“It was draped with a light blanket, and I could see little feet out with the non-soled shoes and a bottle of milk,” the officer told WMUR. “It felt like a baby. It looked like a baby. And everything about it was ‘baby.’”

It was only after attempting CPR for a few minutes that the officer realized something wasn’t right — the baby was a lie and his empathy had been duped by the awful makers of these nightmare-inducing dolls. But really, who can blame him? The whole purpose of the doll’s design is its realistic features and skin (I’m crying), and a real baby being suffocated in the heat might look similar.

Apparently, the small bundle of evil is affectionately named Ainsley and belongs to a local woman named Carolynne Seiffert, who started a collection of the horrid dolls as a healing measure after her son passed away. While Ainsley was the Chosen One (worth roughly $2,000) who managed to make national news, Seiffert is a busy mother of 40 similar lifelike dolls. Hopefully, she warns people of this fact before they enter her home. Lest they feel they’re entering a 2016 reboot of Children of the Corn.


In an interview with WMUR, the now famous Seiffert shared that the ordeal has become a bit embarrassing for her:

I’ve been laughed at and embarrassed by all the fuss. You can’t know how people choose to deal with their losses in life.”

You do you girl. But please, keep your healing demon dolls far, far away from me.


Original by Bronwyn Isaac

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