Baby Daddy: Man Has 60 Kids Behind His Wife’s Back…

Wendy Stokesby:

Couple Time

In an ideal world, cheaters would always be caught. It’s such a huge betrayal of trust, especially after wedding vows have been exchanged, that it seems everyone who cheats should have some kind of repercussions.

Unfortunately, the truth is that many cheaters get away with it. Whether they’re just good liars or are good at sneaking around, many times cheating goes unnoticed for years, if not the entire duration of a relationship. However, one way that cheaters normally get caught is when they have a child with the person they’re cheating with.

This man managed to have not one, not two… but SIXTY children under his wife’s nose without her ever being the wiser. For anyone who thinks that this might be a one-case thing, it’s actually more common than you’d think.

Original by Dru Marie Allen

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