Princess Diana’s Legacy: The Royal Rules She Changed

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Princess Diana’s life as a royal was both controversial and scandalous. She was the one who changed the royal family’s lives forever. Lady Di holds a special place in people’s hearts and she changed the opinion that princesses are unearthly. Instead, she showed that she was no different than an ordinary person and thus, many consider her to be “People’s Princess.” Today, we decided to go through some of the royal rules Princess Diana changed for good.

6 Royal Rules Princess Diana Changed

Lady Di Was the First Royal to Give Birth in a Hospital and Not at the Buckingham Palace

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Before Princess Diana gave birth to her sons, there was a rule that the female members of the British royal family have to deliver their babies in the Buckingham Palace. However, Lady Di decided that it’s better to deliver both of her babies in the hospital and thus, broke the tradition. In fact, even Kate followed this step and delivered all 3 of her children in that same hospital.

Diana Took a Hands-On Approach to Humanitarian Work


Princess Diana was involved in many charity events and organizations. As a matter of fact, he used to visit hospitals and be extremely open in her humanitarian work. She took a hands-on approach that wasn’t even afraid of HIV-infected people. She completely changed the image of royals and became close to ordinary people and the icon of her generation. Even though it was prohibited to touch the royals, Lady Di changed this that she even hugged sick people. Just like their mother, both Prince William and Prince Charles sometimes allow hugging and even agree for selfies.

Princess Diana’s Chose Her Engagement Ring from a Catalog Instead of Famous Jewelers


It used to be a rule that the engagement rings for royal couples have to be ordered from famous jewellers and have to include family relics. However, Princess Diana changed this tradition as she ordered her engagement ring from a catalog. The engagement ring she chose wasn’t extremely expensive and was passed on to her daughter-in-law. Nowadays, you can see the ring on Kate Middleton’s finger.

Lady Di Loved Experimenting with Her Style


The Royals have a strict dress code they have to follow, especially on official events. Lady Di followed this code but still managed to look attractive and elegant. However, she loved experimenting with her style and was the first royal to wear pants to an official event. Moreover, she strayed from the tradition that black is only worn at funerals and wore it often. She became a real fashion icon and her daughter-in-law, Megan, seems to follow her steps.

Princess Diana’s Was Open About Her Feelings and Struggles


Not only was Lady Di followed by paparazzi everywhere, but she was also the first royal to be open about her feelings. Likewise, she didn’t have issues talking about the struggles in her marriage, which was quite unusual to hear from a royal. It’s probably that openness which made people love her. Her sons seem to have accepted and inherited that openness. Whether that’s a result of modern technology or the legacy of their mother is still not clear.

Lady Di Raised Her Children in Her Own Way


There used to rule that royals don’t have to spend too much time with their children. For example, when they traveled, the children were left at home. Moreover, none of the royals before Diana seemed to show affection for their children in public. However, Lady Di strayed from this tradition and people could often see her sharing emotions and love for her children in public. In fact, William and Harry were the first royal children who attended kindergarten. Moreover, Diana tried to give them a normal childhood as possible.


How Did Princess Diana’s Actions Influence the Monarchy?


Princess Diana’s actions have changed and affected the monarchy in a greater way than she ever thought it would be possible. What the royals learned from her actions is the fact that public opinion is crucial for the existence of the monarchy in the UK. As a result of Lady Di’s actions, the royal family became more open and relatable. Likewise, the celebrations became held in front of the palace where everyone is welcomed instead if behind closed doors. Who would believe that Her Majesty The Queen would ever skydive? Indeed she did! The jaw-dropping moment took place in the Opening Ceremony when 007, James Bond, arrived at Buckingham Palace to escort the Queen to the Olympic stadium by means of a helicopter and a parachute.


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