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Besides the fact that Amelia and I have used Maybelline Great Lash mascara since, like, childbirth, I’ve gotta add that after almost a decade spent chatting up makeup artists and various beauty experts, it’s hands (lashes?) down the preferred mascara of runway shows, photo shoots, red carpets and regular old everyday folks like you and me. So when we heard about a new version of ye olde standby called Maybelline Great Lash Big, we got nervous. Will we love it as much as the old version? What if it’s not as good? What if it’s — gulp — even better? In order to get a variety of opinions (some more objective than others), we not only tested Big in-house but we also sent it out to readers. Whether or not you should buy this mascara (spoiler alert: Yeah, it’s awesome!), and five different mini-reviews after the jump!

Luckily, all my fears and insecurities were allayed. However, one of my predictions came to pass: I actually prefer Big to plain old Great Lash, because I think this design marks a huge improvement in terms of clumping. This high-tech new brush makes your lashes pop, but ensures the product goes on nice and smooth. I’m a convert.– Erin, Style Editor

I’ve been wearing Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara since I was 14 years old and suddenly sprouted acne. The connection? Since I had ugly skin, the only part of my face that I could stand were my eyes and Great Lash was THE mascara to use according to my library of teen mags. So when I scored a wand of Great Lash BIG to test out, my lashes practically popped a boner. But the only thing that’s really grown with this new formula is the brush itself, which is rather fat and unwieldy. Still, my lashes looked just as lush and fluttery as ever, which is good, because I have a fat-ass zit on my chin right now. — Amelia, Editor-in-Chief

I was impressed that they delivered, literally, a great big, thick brush. Also, it’s one of the first mascaras that advertises itself as non-clumping [that] actually really does not clump. As someone with naturally thick eyelashes this was great for adding volume and a bit of length little by little so my makeup didn’t become too drag queeny after the first coat. — Natalia Mendez, Reader

Maybelline’s classic Great Lash formula now comes with a big ol’ brush for more dramatic lashes in the form of Great Lash BIG. While the fuller brush makes getting the tiny, baby lashes at the insides of the eye a little tough, the lush outcome is well worth it. After five–yes, five!–coats, my lashes were long, doll-like and completely clump-free. I would have liked to see a bit more volume for the amount of product I used, but the fact that it didn’t wear off or flake by the end of my day sealed the deal. Well worth it! – Raquel Scianna, Reader

The Maybelline Great Lash BIG mascara is everything the iconic pink and green packaging promises to be — your favorite Maybelline Great Lash mascara on steroids. It manages to thicken, darken, and define your lashes beyond the traditional Great Lash, without venturing into that “going out lashes” territory. The bigger brush also makes application an easy sweep, and I felt sexy putting it on in front of my crush … in spite of the fact that I still can’t do it without looking like a blow-up doll. – Jillian Conochan, Reader

Original by Erin Flaherty

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