A 4 Here, A 6 There: Does Designer Sizing Disturb You Too?



It being Fashion Week and all, it’s a bit inevitable that we’re thinking about size. As much fun as it is to watch beautiful designs come down the runway, there’s always the underlying thought, Wonder if that would fit me?

And so, we’re getting hung up on how designer sizes are never consistent! You know the dilemma: You pick up a garment to take to the dressing room and find with horror that some designer “expert” has decided to tell you, “Dear Shopper, you are actually a size 1,000 XXXXL.” Why do so many designers size down their clothing? (Seems like a bad marketing tactic.) But then again, there’s always the secret joy of finding labels that make you think you’ve just magically lost 30 pounds.

After the jump, our experiences behind the dressing room door. Share your own experiences in the comments!

“I’m normally in between a 4 and 6. When I tried on an Alexander Wang dress yesterday, the 4 was not even CLOSE to fitting, which made me predict that in Alex Wang’s world, I’m closer to a 10. Insulting for someone who is under 5 feet tall! However, over at Helmut Lang, I am miraculously a size 2 (which tends to makes me ecstatic, but it’s just so far from the truth). Admittedly, I do own quite a few Helmut Lang pieces, probably in part due to its favorable sizing. I’m normally a size 27 jeans, but when I recently tried on a pair from Rag & Bone, I had to go up to a 30, which was still snug.” —Leonora

“I find the sizing variance so infuriating. It makes it impossible to shop online sometimes and in person, when you keep having to pull bigger and bigger sizes into the dressing room. However, maybe we’re only bothered by this when it means our size is LARGER not smaller. I don’t complain when a 2 fits me instead of a 4. And for the record, I love it when it when with a specific designer you’re always the same size. I am always a 4 in Mint. Hence, it’s my go-to.” —Amelia

“I find that my size ranges a lot based on what part of the body is being accentuated by the particular item of clothing (I’m smaller on top and curvier in the hips). While it can make me feel a little bummed to buy a bigger-sounding size, I realize that every label sizes differently, and I’d rather have something that fits, even if it’s a size 8.” —Catherine

“It’s amazing—I’m a size 2 or x-small at some shops and a size 10 or L at other shops! I usually put a dress, shirt, or pants in the middle of my body and see if it wraps around halfway before I try it on. That way I can approximate what the sizing might be. Then pull the higher and lower sizes off the shelves into the dressing room with me. Usually I buy one size up from whatever fits in the dressing room to account for possible weight gain/bloated period days!” —Jessica

“Depending on the brand, my waist size is anywhere from a 0 to occasionally a 6. I used to be more inclined not to purchase above a 2 or 4, but I’ve gotten over that.” —Lily

“I wear a 0-2 (total shrimp) at the Gap and similar stores, so I thought I would be safe in ordering a size 4 in Opening Ceremony jeans online, which I did because I know they run small. After they finally arrived and I tried them on, I don’t think I could even get one leg on over my ankle. How freakin’ tiny is the 2 then? Sheesh! It made me so frustrated and I’m never buying their pants ever again.” —Erin

“Betsey Johnson is my fave designer … and not just cause her initials are BJ. While I can wear any of her spandex dresses in a M (loves it, cause I’m usually an XL), I cannot wear a single dress of hers that’s an actual size or fitted. Boo! Luckily, I’ve managed to find four said stretch dresses and they are hawt and easy to take off.” —Simcha

“Well, I am a size 12 and what really gets me is the insane number of designers out there who don’t even make such a size. It’s always depressing when I’m in a cute boutique and realize the biggest thing in there is a 10.” —Kate

Original by Leonora Epstein

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