7 Reasons You Should Own a Watch

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There is a different opinion as to why people make use of a wristwatch. We choose to join the debate as well by sharing with you our view on the reasons why you should own a wristwatch. However, they might turn out to be not genuine, but we suggest you read through to see our take on the matter.

Let’s take a look at our reasons why you need to own a wristwatch.

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I find the use of a wristwatch convenient to use. I once asked myself that same question that is trending about the use of a wristwatch. Why should I own a wristwatch when I can check the time using my mobile device? That actually sounds like I did waste money of buying a wristwatch while I have a device I can use to check time.

Like the saying, you don’t know the value of a thing until there is a need for it and it’s not within reach. One of the rules of driving in my country is never to use a mobile phone while driving. In such condition where I need to check the time, it will be unethical for me to bring out my phone to check the time.

Doing that might make me lose focus, and unplanned thing might eventually happen even if I don’t fall into the hands of the law. However, with my wristwatch on my wrist, I can quickly turn my wrist to check the time while I continue to drive.


If you want to learn how to manage time effectively, then you have to make your wristwatch your best companion. It helps in achieving tasks as it is quite more comfortable for you to monitor the time though it rather than the use of a mobile phone.

Let’s take, for example, you have a lot of tasks to do for the day, and you have to finish them all. As part of the aim to complete the work, you gave a timeframe for each task. You might be too engrossed with one in which you might end up exceeding the time frame provided. But with the wristwatch in your hand, you can check at the interval to monitor yourself as to keep to time.


One of the things that people notice about ones dressing style is the wristwatch. It doesn’t mean you should go for a wristwatch that is too loud. Unknown to you, it has a way to boost your value and appearance wherever you find yourself. Those who love to look dignified don’t play with their wristwatch. You can always make a statement with it as it shows your fashion sense.

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You might as well think this is irrelevant, but it is part of the reasons you should own a watch. For instance, you find yourself at a conference meeting and you were asked what the time is. Immediately you tuck your hand into the pocket to bring out your phone.

You might get sanctioned for it because such an act isn’t allowed in the official meeting. With your wristwatch with you, you can quickly check the time, and that will give the rest the feeling you are right to be in the circle.


The whole essence of a wristwatch is to tell the time. Some people see it beyond that, but we can’t shy away from the truth. However, in some professions wearing of a wristwatch is so essential. Some go beyond wearing a simple wristwatch but choose to opt for a sophisticated one that is in alignment with the nature of their work.

It doesn’t speak well of a minimalist person to purchase a wristwatch with features like GPS and map. Such kind of wristwatch should is ideal for pilots and maybe divers. They have to be accountable for what they do and one of the accessories to keep a record is a perfect wristwatch.

Gets attention

Most guys will love this part. Ladies get attracted to any guy that appears classy. If you want to prove me wrong, go out with your friends to a bar and ensure you are the only one with a wristwatch. You will realize that you will be spotted among the rest because people get to know the worth of a person through a wristwatch, clothe and footwear.

So for the guys out there seeking attention from a lady for so long, get a quality wristwatch and play your card the right way. You might be surprised by the outcome. Thank me later.

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Time is important

On a final note, people respect those who cherish their time. You hear the slogan which says time is money and without a doubt, it is. Those who waste time blame themselves for doing so because it can’t be recovered. Therefore, to make good use of your time, from best watch select choose a wristwatch is a perfect piece for you.

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