The Ultimate Guide To Mirror Cam

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If you want to know more about HD mirror cam, this is the right place to be. This page is about the ultimate guide to mirror cam. It will entail what is it, How to use it, how to maintain it and some other things as well you need to know.

Here are important things you should know about HD Mirror Cam

Camera system

The number of cameras are the same as the number of channels. You need to decide how many you want and the angles you want to cover with your cam. The most of these devices come with one channel which is for the front recording and the second option is with two channels which has front and rear facing units.


There are some that have four channels with the option to cover each side of your vehicle, but they are scarce. The numbers of channels you get determine the amount you will pay. Therefore you need to consider the numbers of channels you want considering the vehicle you have before making any purchase.

Parking mode

While learning to drive, one of the difficult things for me to do is parking. I could remember how I bump into a lot of things on several occasion that I try to park the car all because I could not see things. The dash cam can help you to go through the stress of parking your car quickly. To find out more on how it works, you need to opt over to shopper guide.

With the help of the camera, you can cover wide range areas and see more things, even your plate number. Apart from helping you to park the car rightly, it also comes with parking mode as it keeps recording even when the vehicle is off, and it is in parking mode.

The benefit of this is to help you keep your belongings safe and help you catch thieves in case they want to boggle your car. To use the feature of recording after the car is shut down, you need to power the device using the battery. Else, once you off the car, the cam will shut down too.

Video quality

One of the primary function of the HD mirror cam is to record every event of the day. Once the car is running and the device is on as well, it will start recording the events and actions that go on around you while driving. There is always a chance that there is a need to playback the recorded actions for proof or evidence, with this, you will be able to see things.

Some don’t have good video quality and will give fuzzy images whenever you are watching the playback. It is why you need to opt for a cam with good video quality before making any purchase. Check to ensure it has good specifications that will suit your needs.

Source: Car Audio Centre


The screen is where you get to see all the action, and without it the cam is useless. Some of the options come with one, and some don’t. Some have a high-quality LED screen and the image will be crystal clear. You need to consider that whenever you want to get the HD mirror cam.

GPS and Wi-Fi

It is an advanced feature, and you will not find it in all HD mirror cam. The GPS helps to tell you the direction you are to go while driving. With the Wi-Fi, you can easily connect your device to your mobile gadget and watch the actions that were recorded.

For those who do have the time to watch the action through their TV set, you can make sure you get the HD mirror cam with HDMI option. You can easily sit and watch how smooth or reckless you are with driving after the activities of the day.

To me, the use of the HD mirror cam is the best way to become a better driver. With it, you can get to discover some mistakes you made while driving and you will find a way to correct them. There are some other features too that makes this gadget an indispensable automobile kit for drivers.

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