Repair or Replace: How to Decide Right Treatment for Your Broken Appliance?

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You might have a range of electric appliances at home. For the current generation, it is almost difficult to imagine a day without a refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machines, microwave, and blender. They are essential to handle a variety of routine life needs but what if any of these stops working? It can cause delays for the whole family with lots of mess all around.

When appliances at home stop working normally, homeowners have two options with them. They can either fix the old appliance or throw it away and buy a new one. But making a decision about whether it should be repaired or replaced is complicated for most people. If you are also worried about the same matter, it is good to read the article below. Here we have discussed the conditions when you should think of repairing or replacing an electric appliance at home.


Whether repair or replace your appliance?

Replacing and repairing both have their own pros and cons. However, in order to solve the difficulty of selection between both these options, it is good to ask a few questions. In general, instead of examining all factors, one should give prime consideration to the overall cost of both options. Although the cost for the new item usually goes high, the age of the product and difficulty in carrying out repair also matters ahead.

Below we have highlighted the essential questions that can help you find the right solution for your faulty appliance:

How hard the repair is?

There are few simple fixed that can be carried out at home with ease and it can also save some money as well. But when we talk about electrical appliances, there is no point in opening them at home because due to lack of expertise, you may end up causing huge damage to the internal system. The experienced appliance technicians can handle all small and big issues with ease to bring your appliance into normal working condition. Few modern electronic devices can be a little complicated to fix as the parts needed to be replaced use to be quite expensive. When the repair seems much difficult and complicated as compared to buying a new appliance, then you can easily make a decision for the second option.

How much is the cost?

Sometimes, even complicated repair tasks can be executed at a low price, and they are worth it. But in few conditions, even the replacement of a single part inside modern age electronic equipment may add up the huge cost. In this case, the decision must be made by considering a 50% rule. When the cost of repair is less than half of buying a new one, it is better to go for repair. But at the same time, it is important to analyze that if you have to call repair technician time and again to repair your aged product, it may again cost you more as compared to a new purchase. In short, a repair is a suitable option until and unless it is not putting a hole in your pocket.


How long is the life expectancy?

Ask the appliance repair professionals about the life expectancy of the appliance after repair. In case if you have to take it again to the technician in a few days, there is no need to spend on repair. For example, if your water heater breaks after 20 years of purchase, it won’t be a good decision to take it for repair. The fact is that an average life span for water heater use to be somewhere between 12 to 14 years, but it has already served you for 20 years; it is right time to shop for a new one.

These details may help you to make the right decision about dealing with your faulty appliance. However, below we have highlighted the pros of both these options to help you more:

Pros of repairing:

Well, there are many good reasons to call service when it stops working. The biggest reason is that people find it a cheaper solution. Also, repairing is naturally less wasteful as compared to replacing. When you are careful about reducing carbon footprints, it is better to think of repair. The environmental costs are always of prime consideration. Replacing a small faulty part during repair is much better than repairing the whole machine and creating some more junk on the planet.

Pros of replacing:

No doubt, replacing also has its own advantages. The brand-new product is always a great addition to the modern home as compared to the faulty old one. Also, in case if you are running an old appliance after several repairs, it may be consuming more electricity as well. New appliance can help you to save more on monthly bills as well. Buy a new product adds more options to enhance the functionality of the appliance as the latest products are loaded with a wide range of features as compared to those that were designed a few years back. When you are interested in adding a pretty attractive thing to your house while improving the functionality, replacement can be a good choice.



With all such details, it must be a lot easier to decide whether it is good to repair or replace the appliance. The great news is that you can also avail great deals on repair and replacement as well to save a few bucks. Experts like Appliance Technician Ltd. in Ottawa provides a wide range of services to ease your life by maintaining the health of your appliance. They can also suggest you when it is good to buy a new product and when you can enjoy reliable performance just by executing repair.

When you experience any problems and you are looking for reliable appliance repair in Ottawa, don’t try DIY procedures. It is far better to book an appointment with professionals and let them handle the fault with standard procedures. You can complete the repair at a reasonable price while ensuring proper functionality for your appliance.

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