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Spotify is a relatively new company on the scene with much success in the past two to three years or so. Spotify has been around for 10 years and in those 10 years, Spotify has managed to grow big with 207 million users, which 98 million of those pay for the premium app. Spotify is a company that offers employment in a few areas such as engineering, design, HR, legal, business, product management, analytics, and more.

The whole idea behind Spotify was to solve the ongoing and never-ending problem of music piracy. The company has headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, with 1.400 employees, as well as, offices in 18 different locations totaling 4.000 employees. The biggest presence that Spotify has outside Sweden in New York with 900 employees and it’s rumored that they will be adding in an extra 1.000.

So, with so much employment opportunity, how do you get a job at Spotify?

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If you want to inquire about available jobs at Spotify, then your best place to look would be their career pages. These you can find all the locations available with job openings. Their LinkedIn page is also a great resource if you wish to work at Spotify.

The employment process at Spotify starts with a simple phone interview, followed by a couple of interviews at one of their offices (depending on where you wish to work).

How is the company culture?

Spotify company culture has been characterized as a great place to work if you are looking for a relaxed and fun workplace atmosphere. Spotify has been said to value their employees and many have said that they feel a sense of belonging while working. Spotify is notorious for celebrating achievements and they help their employees get the much-desired health perks.

What are some of the perks and benefits?

Spotify employees have been very vocal at how pleasing the perks and benefits are. Some of the most appealing perks and benefits include 6-month paternity leave, free concert tickets, fertility assistance, and egg freezing, and holiday swapping. Spotify allows their employees to pick and choose which holidays they want to work, and they can use that to take off a different holiday.

What are the salary numbers?

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According to Paysa, Spotify employees make around $125.000 annually, with software engineers being the most paid at around $195.000 a year. Spotify employees have also said that the company can be fairly flexible on employee salary, but most new and young employees are just happy to take whatever they offer them since they get to work for a “cool” company.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working at Spotify?

We mentioned that Spotify is a fairly new company and only recently started generating profits. Since the company is new, many employees feel that they are not being paid fairly. However, there is room to grow at Spotify and the company itself is projected to make more profits over the coming years, so sticking around for a few years might not be a bad option. Spotify is not a company giant like Facebook, Apple or Google, and working is not as stable as those companies. But, there is enormous potential for growth and development so choosing a career at Spotify might not be the worst option.

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