So Now There’s Vending Machine For Weaves

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Vending machines are the new home for anything and everything. You never know when you might find yourself on the go and suddenly in immediate need of cupcakeschampagne, pizza or even a new weave.

The Mane Vendor, a weave vending machine, was created by Marcella Ellis, owner of Marcella Ellis Hair Studios and School of Cosmetic Arts in Fairfax, Virginia. She wanted to give more convenience for shoppers but to also keep hair revenue within the Black community. Ellis also aims to provide franchise opportunities for those who want to start their own business. She told Clutch Magazine:

“Having been in the hair extension industry for over 20 years, my goal in creating The Mane Vendor® was to empower hair salon owners nationwide, bringing the supply of hair extensions back into the salon. In addition to keeping the revenues earned from hair extensions within our local communities, it will also improve the customers’ experience. No longer will they need to travel to a hair supply stores to purchase their extensions before coming to the salon.”

What are your thoughts on this idea? It seems like it would save the hassle of making an extra stop before going to the salon. There are other cosmetic-focused vending machines (like the Benefit Cosmetics kiosks available at 10 U.S. airports) out there, but this is a whole new ballpark. Would you use a weave vending machine or do you need human hands fixing your hairdos ? [Clutch Magazine]

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