Special 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

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Congratulations on making it to 50 years as husband and wife! That’s half a century!  With the rise of divorce and separation these days, this is no easy feat. Some marriages barely last 50 hours, never mind 50 minutes (I’m looking at you, Britney Spears.)

If you’re one of the few hardworking couples to make it to your golden years of marriage, that’s certainly a reason to splash out on a unique wedding anniversary gift. But after so many years of gift exchanging, it can be tricky to come up with a present for your hubby that’s new and exciting.

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If you’re getting close to celebrating fifty years of wedded bliss, and you’re panicked on what to get for your other half, fear not. I’ve put together some of the craziest, wackiest and weirdest 50th-anniversary gift ideas for him that’ll have your husband jumping out of his chair with excitement.

Whiskey Wonderland

If he’s a discerning whiskey drinker, chances are you’ve given him more than enough bottles (or barrels) of whiskey over the years. While I’m sure he appreciates every dram, your 50th wedding anniversary calls for something a bit more exceptional.

Dazzle him to an exclusive whiskey tasting. This way he’ll get to taste some of the best single malts in the world, without having to buy the whole bottle. And without you having to break the bank. Another unique gift idea is a bottle of personalized malt whiskey. You can add a special anniversary message or sentimental photographs to the bottle to commemorate reaching the 50-year milestone. It makes for a luxury gift that can be kept for a keepsake even after the contents have disappeared.

Face Pillow

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This one is for the wacky couples out there! Gift your beloved with their squishy cushion – with your face on it!

Wondrously weird, it’s the ideal present if you and your spouse don’t sleep in the same bed anymore (no judgment – I’ve had my fair share of unbearable snoring). This way, hubby can still snuggle up to your face even though you’re not physically by his side.

Romantic, no?

Name a Star

A stellar gift for a stellar husband! That extra special man in your life deserves a gift that’s fittingly unique. And what could be more exceptional than treating him to his very own star? For this gift, a star is given his name and comes with a personalized registration certificate. It also comes with a beginner’s guide to astronomy and coordinates that help you find it in the sky on a clear night. The best part is that once the star is named, it can’t be renamed! It’ll forever be his, just as he is forever yours. A gift that’s truly out of this world.

Matching Tattoos

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Tattoos are forever and so is your love! After 50 years side by side, it’s time to have a little fun and let out your inner wild child. An unconventional but increasingly popular wedding anniversary gift idea is to get matching tattoos. It doesn’t have to be anything big or obvious. A subtle bit of ink where only you and your beloved can see it makes it that much more special.

My personal favorite is an infinity tattoo with your and your husband’s name, as well as the date of your wedding anniversary. That way you can make double sure he’ll never, ever forget your wedding anniversary!

Dancing Lessons

You’ve managed to two-step your way to fifty years together. Make sure the two of you are still stepping to the same beat with private or group dancing lessons. Personally, I’d recommend group dancing lessons. They’re a great way to make new friends and meet other adventurous couples!

Whether you’re working on your waltz, swaying to a sexy salsa or moving to a romantic rumba, dancing lessons are the perfect gift to keep the romance in your marriage alive. Not only are you spending quality time with your partner doing something new and exciting, but you’re also staying fit and healthy.

Start scheming for a 60th wedding anniversary gift because you’re going to make it.

Supercar Getaway

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No matter how old your husband is, you have to remember one thing – boys will be boys. And they love their toys. Celebrate the incredible journey you two have been on with a driving weekend adventure. It’s the perfect excuse to get away from the worries of your everyday lives and relish each other’s company. Thrill his senses with an unforgettable supercar journey through the Swiss Alps. Or if he’s a motoring history buff, perhaps he’d enjoy a weekend self-drive hire of a beautifully restored classic 1960’s Mini. There’s a dream car for everyone. Find out what makes his engines rev and make his motoring dreams come true!

Date Night Box

Life gets busy. We get caught up in our everyday lives and stop putting the effort into our relationships. Although you might think you don’t have time for a weekly date night, let me tell you, you do. After 50 years of dates, it’s even more difficult coming up with exciting, original ideas for the two of you to do. And that’s why a Date Night Box is such an excellent idea.

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It’s pretty simple really – create or buy a simple box and decorate it to your liking. I recommend putting memorable photographs from your years together, from the day you met, to your wedding day, to the birth of your children. Now comes the fun part – putting fun date night ideas in the box! It can be as simple as going to your local cafe for hot chocolate and cake, to dining at a gourmet Michelin star restaurant.

Decide on a day of the week that suits both you, and stick to it. No excuses!

What I love about this DIY anniversary gift is that it’s inexpensive, easy to make, and romantic. Sometimes homemade gifts have that extra touch of love.

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