Style 911: How Can I Get Rid Of (And Prevent!) Deodorant Stains?



“It never fails: I’m rushing to get ready and get out the door in the morning and I end up getting deodorant stains all over my shirt or dress. Do you guys have any tips for getting the marks out or just preventing them altogether? I realize I could put my anti-perspirant on after I get dressed but sometimes I forget and with certain cuts you really have to put it on first ya know? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.”–Jillian

Hey Jillian, we seriously identify with your dilemma, as we just had a dry cleaner tell us they couldn’t get deo stains off our favorite navy blue silk shirt. Here’s how to get rid of them and how to never get them again!You would think that with all our modern-day technology and you know, space missions and stuff, this old deodorant problem would be a thing of the past. Sadly, that’s not the case. Even more shocking, the internet is filled with all kinds of bad advice on the subject. For example, when we searched how to remove deodorant marks from silk, one site recommended rubbing alcohol into the stains. Um, excuse us, but any fashionista worth her salt could tell you that would totally ruin delicate fabrics. Instead (and after personally road testing a variety of remedies), try this much simpler trick: Take a soft, cotton cloth, and using a bit of bicep strength, rub at the marks until they fade. Works like a charm.

Luckily, it’s even easier to remove the marks from machine washable textiles. Nothing looks worse on a dark-colored dress than white streaks, so here’s how to remove them fast: Take that same cotton cloth, wet it with plain water (no soap), and firmly press it into the area, saturating with liquid. Rub the stain out, and use a blow dryer to quickly dry the fabric. For stains that have been sitting for a few days, just go ahead and toss in the wash.

It’s true that not all outfits allow you to put deodorant on after you’re already dressed (though when you can, do). One tip we love is pretty straightforward and works well: Before you pull the shirt or dress over your head, cuff the bottom of the hem by rolling it outward. It’ll prevent marks from appearing on the outer surface of your shirt. Of course, you could also switch products. A number of deodorants boast non-chalky formulas (try Degree Ultra Clear).

Good luck!

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