Techniques for Playing the Trumpet

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This article isn’t for the intermediate or the expert. This category mentioned already know the basics of how to play the trumpet and much more. Therefore, the post is aimed at those who are new to this instrument. It is an ideal text for someone who just lay hold of a trumpet and wants to play it without hassles.

If you are a student or a beginner with trumpet, you might as well need to read this article to learn some techniques in which you can follow to play with ease.


Bring Out Your Trumpet

The very first thing you ought to do is to bring out your trumpet and be ready to play. Ensure you have all the parts in good condition with your mouthpiece in the right place. You must ensure as well that you maintain a proper positioning before you start playing as it can greatly affect your performances with the trumpet.

Source: Prince Music Company

Holding The Trumpet

If you carefully observe those who play trumpet, you will get to understand that there is a way to handle the instrument when playing. The technique for handling is simple, you just have to follow strictly and do the right thing.

Relax your shoulders while you have your trumpet in your hand. Firmly support it with the left and right hand without applying force. You then have to hold the trumpet with the left hand while your right hand will be on the valves.



At first I thought it is very easy to do. The way I do see it is that anyone can easily pick up a trumpet and play, but later on, I find out it requires a technique to do that. To play this instrument, you have to take a deep breath and with your lips lightly closed, you need to exhale steadily.

While doing this, you need to ensure that you do not puff out your cheeks and try to steady your lips remain in the same lightly closed position. Carefully place your lips on the mouthpiece of the trumpet and blow the air without exerting much pressure to it. You will hear the sound of the trumpet brands doing so, but it might be of different pitch level.

To get a higher pitch, you have to blow with more power, and if you want the low sound pitch, you just have to blow without exerting too much pressure or force.

Source: Press

Play Your First Note Or Scale

Blowing the trumpet is a step, nest one is to play your first note or scale and that can only be done with fingers. You have to execute that with the use of the valve. Start by pressing one valve, advance to two and to the three.

You can move your finger around the three while you create a melody with the trumpet. You determine the sound produced by the pressure of the air blown and how you control the valve.


Watch Other Play

You don’t become a pro while learning alone. There are people who already mastered this instrument and that you can learn from and the best way to get more knowledge or learn new skills is to watch them play. You can take your trumpet adviser rehearse with the experts.

Don’t try to take the lead or act as if you know better than they do. They have been in the industry for years before you ever dream of becoming a musician. So it is time for you to let down your ego and learn. Watch the way they play the trumpet, carefully observe how they move their fingers around the valves and how they easily migrate from higher pitch to lower pitch.

Source: Kessler & Sons Music

Try Shortcut

There are different tricks to playing this instrument but you can only find that out through research. You can hop over to YouTube to watch video or trumpet trick you can try out to make you look like a pro. You just have to keep practicing until you become a better musician.

On a final note, here are the likely means to which you can play your trumpet effortlessly. Becoming a better player doesn’t have a shortcut; all people have to improve through consistent practice.

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