Let the students express themselves in different ways

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In the same way that students need to take the knowledge in different ways, it is very important to have the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge in different ways. This applies to the teaching situation as well as assessment methods.

When the 4-6 hour school exam becomes the only method the students get demonstrated what they have learned, it will to a very limited degree show what they have achieved by learning. Similarly, a Multiple Choice will demonstrate certain skills, but as the only method it will not prove how to reason for the correct answer. For example, if you have dyslexia, you may risk mistake due to the form of the exam rather than the lack of knowledge. If you have social anxiety it may be particularly difficult to hold a presentation in front of the rest of the class, but it does not mean that you do not possess the knowledge and may express it well as long as you present with a group or only for the teacher.

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Let the students express themselves in different ways

We have different strengths when we try to express ourselves. Some are more verbal, while others visual and others again prefer to express themselves in writing. Therefore, it is important to vary between different assessment methods such as Essay, Presentations, Games, Group Work, Oral Presentation, School Exam, and Multiple Choice. Most people have their own preferences as to how they can best display knowledge, but you will want more students to use their strengths, while learning as a student to express themselves in several ways. Some students find that the use of paper writing service can help them in a different way.

Let the assessment be an arena for learning

It is common to distinguish between summative and formative assessment.
The summative assessment is an assessment of learning. This is the formal feedback on, for example, exam or exam. This assessment is given after a work has been completed and rarely contains any improvement potential or comments.
The formative assessment is an assessment given for the student to learn. This is the ongoing assessment that occurs in the teaching between the teacher and the individual student. The purpose is to support the learning and get the student to see where he is in the learning process. This assessment is increasingly evident when, as a teacher, you design a course more digitally, where the student sees digital lectures at home, so to solve tasks and get targeted guidance back to school. Adding more tests along the way during the semester will be the trial and the assessment as an arena for learning.

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Have you considered whether there is a correlation between student achievement, your assessment of this and subsequent feedback you give to the student? It might be useful to think about how thorough feedback you give when the student is doing well if you express what is their improvement potential when they should do things differently and how clear you are about what they should proceed with.

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