The 10 Best “Golden Girls” Tattoos Ever

Wendy Stokesby:




Tattoos are indelible marks of devotion and dedication–especially when it comes to tattoos of “The Golden Girls.” Nothing says “I love feisty old broads in chic caftans” like having Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche and Rose emblazoned on your chest.

After the jump, nine more “Golden Girls”-inspired tats. If you need us, we’ll be eating cheesecake on the lanai.

Leg tattoo

Girls on the leg…

Arm Tattoo


..and on the arm.


With a golden light surrounding them..


Bea Arthur

A rabid fan thanks Bea for being there.


Betty White Breaking Out

Betty White makes like a rash and breaks out on the skin.



A touching tribute to our favorite gals


Ugliest Tattoos

The girls in their prime.


Stay Gold

Stay gold, Ponyboy. I mean, Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy and Rose.


Golden Girls

Imagine waking up to this every morning. Lucky guy.

Original by Julie Gerstein

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