The 17 Most Annoying Things About Getting Older

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I’ve been looking in the mirror for the past several weeks, noticing for the first time, that my forehead has perma-wrinkles. I keep slathering on moisturizer, as if dousing my face in enough cream will somehow make those fine lines disappear (news flash, it won’t).

Growing older is the pits — it sneaks up on you without warning and suddenly you look like a saggy faced, scowl-y version of your former self. So in the interest of commiseration, we’ve compiled a list of the 17 absolute most annoying things about aging. Check out our list after the jump, and then share yours in the comments.

1. Face Hair: ”My face has gotten so much hairier–I really hope there’s an end in sight to this trend.”

Source: Times of India

2. Music: ”I don’t understand the musical choices of today’s youths.”

3. Friends: “Making new friends seems like such a hassle.

4. Noise: “I’m getting crankier about young people making unnecessary noise. Turn that racket down!”

5. Babies: “I actually have a ticking biological clock and it’s getting LOUDER by the minute.”

6. Joints: “My joints get crickety and creaky.”

7. Wrinkles: “I have comma wrinkles around my mouth and permanent lines in my forehead.”

8. Memory: “I cannot remember dick anymore: names, movies, books, song titles, etc. I can only remember first names or last names and I have to look everything up on Google to figure out the rest.”

9. Back Aches: “My back hurts more than it every has before and I have to stand up more slowly sometimes.”

10. Lower Pain Thresholds: “I still like to wear high heels but my patience for the pain has gone way, way down.”

11. Lackluster Social Life: “I’d rather read a good book in bed most nights than be out late at a bar.”

12. Need More Sleep: “If I get less than 6 hours of sleep, I am a loser the next day.”


13. Skin Issues: “My skin is getting saggy in weird places.”

14. Hair: “I’ve started having grey hair, and it’s coming in at an alarming rate.”

15. Birthdays: “I’ve lost interest in having a birthday party.”

16. Weight: “I now gain weight in my stomach when I never did before.”

17. Drinking: “I can’t drink whiskey without getting a horrible hangover the next day. I used to drink Makers Mark like it was water.”

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