The Advantages Of Physiotherapy For Dogs

Danielle Grangerby:


You love your dogs and believe us they love you even more. The human and canine relationship dates back thousands of years and there is no doubt why we consider them as our best friends. They give us unconditional love and are the only beings that are sure to make our day even when we don’t feel that well.

Still, the same as we humans, dogs can suffer from certain medical conditions and some are more serious than others. The vet medicine has been quite developed and now there is an invasive or non-invasive solution for almost all possible problems – and some include physio and hydrotherapy. These mostly come in handy relating to joint or muscle strains and can be of huge benefit to your dog’s overall health. Physiotherapy is usually performed on a vet clinic, though there are specific centers specializing in it as well.

Without further ado let’s go ahead and take a look at all the benefits of physiotherapy for dogs!


How Beneficial Is A Physiotherapy

Now, unlike humans, dogs can’t tell us where do they feel pain or discomfort. The best thing they can do is lick the spot and hope we will understand it. That is why an experienced physiotherapist has an even greater role when treating dogs and other animals – it is up to him to determine what is causing pain and discomfort and what kind of therapy should be applied. Physiotherapy much similar to the hydro one can be of great benefit in many cases – from the back and hip pain, to joint and muscle strains. Along with that, a lot of dogs are given the physiotherapy treatment after they have undergone a specific surgery. There are numerous techniques that are performed in the process mostly depending on how serious the condition is.

Some of the most common are soft tissue massage, joint stretches, and of course the electrotherapy methods. Electrotherapy methods are mostly used for determining the cause of discomfort through ultrasound as well as in the removal of it using the LASER or TENS technique. Of course, all of this has to be performed by a specialized vet clinic surgeon and a physiotherapist. With the right treatment, even dogs that suffer from late stages of arthritis can feel much better and recover certain movements.


Apart from treating certain injuries, physiotherapy can be great for recovering balance and flexibility in a dog and can be a great way of strengthening the whole body.

What Healing Centre Should You Go To

As we have suggested above your best bet is to visit a vet clinic and let them tell you what to do next. On the other hand, there are many healing centers like the RA Healing Centre is that specialize in physiotherapy (along with other methods) and that is sure to provide the best possible treatment for your canine friend. A good healing center should include physiotherapist professionals that have the right knowledge and technique to inspect the cause of discomfort. A stance analyzer is one of the better methods to determine the cause of pain and lameness. After that is done, a healing center will perform the needed treatment (massage, electrotherapy, stretching) and you can rest assured that your dog will be a good way to recovery. And even if your dog hasn’t been injured physiotherapy at a healing center might be beneficial for improving the athletic performance of dogs who are competing in certain shows!



Seeing your dog in discomfort and pain isn’t something you enjoy and you would like to treat it as soon as possible. Luckily, vet clinics and healing centers offer expert teams and techniques that could be of great aid – and physiotherapy is among the best one. Whether your dog has strained a muscle/joint or has a chronic medical condition, the right kind of treatment may determine and remove the problem in a matter of weeks!

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