The Best Power Tool Each Workshop Should Have

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It’s tempting to look at power tools and resist the urge of buying a piece that you have plenty of suitable examples hanging in your workshop.

If you’re just about starting on your woodworking career, then there are a few power tools that you absolutely must have in your workshop in order to produce quality work.

In this article, we are going to be looking at the best power tools that anyone should have in their workshop.

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1.    Circular Saw

When used properly, a circular saw can be just as accurate as a table saw. And while many people would say that a circular saw is a carpenter tool only, many would also disagree with that statement. A circular saw is a versatile tool that is used by many professionals across multiple professions. A circular saw can be the  , regardless of what project you’re working on. A circular saw has all the sawing potential that a table saw has, and it can be used to make clean cuts of plywood or even medium-density fiberboard.

2.    Power Drill

Power drills are the type of power tools that are extremely versatile. There is a lot of power drill manufacturer out there and it can be hard to choose the best one for your projects. Power drills can be your classical corded drills or the newer cordless ones.

Power drills vary in drilling potential with some being more powerful than others. ToolPWR have excellent reviews for the best power drills money can buy, as well as, any other set of power tools that can be found in a professional’s workshop.

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3.    Jigsaw

The purpose of the jigsaw is to make curved cuts and cuts in circular patterns. Much like power drills, jigsaws can come both corded and cordless, with lots of types available for you to buy on the market. When buying the optimal jigsaw for your next project, always go for the one that feels best in your hand, as well as, has an easy blade changing system.

4.    Table Saw

We discussed circular saws at the beginning of the article, table saws are heavy-duty tools that can be considered as one the most formidable tool in your arsenal of power tools. The table saw is the most important tool a professional can have. It takes center spot in your workshop and it is the life and soul of it. Every other set of power tools makes way for this beauty of a machine. People often say that you only buy a table saw once in your lifetime. They are so durable that they can even be handed from father to son to grandson. That is the reason why table saws are considered to be quite an expensive buy. Table saws range in size, cutting potential, and lots of other features that separate this tool from the rest.

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5.    Router

Any serious woodworker must have a serious router in their disposal if he wishes to produce quality work. Routers can be separated into two different categories. Namely, you have routers that come with a stationary base, and routers that come with a plunge. For beginners, the former one should be more than sufficient for your work, and as you grow and become more experienced, we suggest you upgrade to the latter. When choosing for the best router, make sure to go for one that is at least 2-HP and has electronic variable speed controls.

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  1. Avatar FindSaw says:

    It’s amazing to see the range of great tools these woodworkers have. I’ve randomly come across this article, trying to learn more about the best power tools. But really, not all of us know there are these great tools that make working with wood much easier I believe. Personally, I’ve never used a jigsaw, but maybe I’ll need one soon!

  2. Avatar John Nelson says:

    You are absolutely right! all the above tools are really important for any workshop, Specially the jigsaw, when you are working on a wood project and to make curved cuts. Thanks

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