The G-Shot Promises A Pouty, Kissable Vagina In Minutes!

Dragana Stepicby:

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Thank heavens there are rogue doctors out there who will take an FDA-approved product and inject it somewhere that’s not approved. First Coast News reports doctors are injecting collagen — you know, the junk that goes in Jessica Simpson’s lips — into the walls of the vagina near where the G-spot is located. We guess the premise is that if you fatten up the vag, the space inside will be less, um, cavernous, and hence the G-spot will be extra-stimulated. So, while we’re all for women taking strides to improve their sexual pleasure, we sort of think that injecting a foreign substance (besides sperm, obvi!) into your nether regions, especially one that hasn’t really been approved for that usage, should come as a last resort after masturbation, sex toys, and finding a dude who’s actually committed to seeing you come without a giant needle stabbing you in the groin. You know, a keeper! [First Coast News]

Source: Healthline

Original by Amelia McDonell-Parry

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