Things To Consider When Replacing Your Roof

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Can you imagine a home without a roof? It is protecting us from weather conditions and it needs to be well-made and to last as long as possible. Usually, roof tiles which are of high quality can last for years, even decades. Replacing your roof is a costly job, but it is a necessary one at least once or twice. With all the technological advancements towards roofing, it can be a very smart thing to replace your roof sooner than later.

However before you rush to complete the job, you should know some things.

1. Take a look around

It seems that people decide their roofing contractor solely based on the bid they receive from set contractors. This is a big mistake since there are more important things to consider from the price. When choosing a roofing contractor, make sure to check on their references, past customer experience, and other relevant things. If the company is listed on Angie’s List, that could be your starting point. Contact some contractors and gather information before you make a final decision.

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2. Replace everything

When considering replacing your roof, you are permitted to having two layers of asphalt underneath. Chances are, you have only one layer to your existing roof, so you can always minimize cost by adding in an extra layer. This can save you up to $1.000; however, the contractor can’t inspect and repair the damage done to the old layer. If you live in a cold climate, it could be difficult to expose your home to the elements by having your entire roof being taken off. This is why adding in an extra layer on top of your old layer of asphalt can be beneficial. What you can ask your contractor is to add a water shield, ice shield, extra rubber membrane to prevent leaks, replace the wood shingles, install new plywood decking, and more. But beware as all of these cost money and they could cost you a lot.

3. Go for quality

If you have the money, choose the material of the highest quality. This is great because your new roof will retain its “new” condition for a while. What’s more interesting is that the better quality materials, the better selling power you get if you decide to sell your home in the future. Did you know that 50-year shingles add just $500 to the overall price of your roof? That’s a very small amount compared to the fact that they will last for five decades! Instead of aluminum flashing, go for copper. It’s more durable and it costs only $1.000 extra.

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4. Pay attention to the documents

Documents are essential to you and to your contractor. In the roofing business, there are three documents you need to obtain. The first one is a building permit, the second one is a written contract between you and the contractor that specifies every detail of the work. The last one is an insurance letter sent to the contractor’s insurer that specifies that the roofing project is covered by the insurance company, and the worker’s compensation and liability plan is also covered by them.

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