This Model Looks Like Angelina Jolie, So Clearly The Internet Can’t Deal

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There are many ways to get famous in this world, and 90% of them have to do with Kylie Jenner. But Mara Teigen, 21-year-old friend of Kylie, has managed to transcend her reality star-adjacent status to become… something. She’s now the Model Who Looks Like Angelina Jolie.

Wait… who?

Mara Teigen is a Wilhelmina model, but chances are that’s not how you know her. According to Us Weekly, Teigen is best known for “starring in Kylie Jenner’s ‘Glosses’ music video and hanging with the makeup maven and her crew.” As if this crew member’s life doesn’t sound great enough, she’s famous for looking exactly like Angelina Jolie. US Weekly also reports that she’s been tied to pro hockey player Evander Kane. Good for you, Mara.

But what actually?

When she’s not riding around in Kylie’s Ferrari, Mara has a day job. She’s modeled for Milani Cosmetics and on this billboard in San Diego. Now she’s making either money off of sponsored Instagram posts or she just likes her dentist a whole lot. She’s also posted an Instagram in support of #sugarbearhair, which the Kardashians love to do.


Who am I to tell you what does or doesn’t make someone look like Angelina Jolie? The girl has big lips and 500,000 Instagram followers.

Let’s instead let her Instagram commenters, those bastions of democracy, determine what makes her doppelganger status:


“Mrs Jolie lookalike”

“Never seen Angelina Jolie have such a dark tan. I may be wrong!!!!”

“she is stunning! Ange will always be the first bae tho”

“no wayyy! Ange looks natural this is all makeup”

and the creepiest of all, “Forever my favorite pic.”

Is she at Coachella?

Ha! Are Kylie Jenner’s lip kits made in a sweatshop? (Yes and yes.)

Mara de-Angified herself for a day of sweating it out in Coachella Valley. I think she’s the one in the middle, but I wouldn’t bet a flower crown on it.

What does Mara think is the cure for most things?

“Smiling is the cure for most things,” she wrote on Instagram just yesterday. Since over 13,000 people liked her photo, I’ll assume that at least some of you agree.

How does Angelina Jolie feel?

The Oscar-winning actress, Special Envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, mother of six, and wife to Brad Pitt has yet to comment on this young girl coming outta nowhere to steal Instagram followers that are rightfully hers. We’ll keep you posted.

Original by: Leah Prinzivalli

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