This woman dressed up like her daughter’s dog and it’s kinda creepy, but why not

Wendy Stokesby:


November 2016 was not the greatest month, to say the least. But, there was a bit of a brightness thanks in part to one hilarious photo. Twitter user Zoe Baumann (@zoebaumann_) posted of a picture of her mom dressed up like her dog for Halloween, and it’s one of the greatest costumes of all time.

The photo stayed under the radar for a few weeks, but then suddenly started to go viral after being featured in a BuzzFeed article. The photo features Baumann’s small white dog in the arms of his grandma dressed in a white furry suit, a dog face mask complete with a smirk, and a pair of black shades to match the dog’s eyes. Meanwhile, the poor dog is staring into the camera and wondering why this giant dog is picking him up.

According to Baumann, her mom decided to create the costume to prevent the dog from barking at trick-or-treaters. Perhaps the costume made Teddy the dog (who has his own Instagram page) feel like he wasn’t alone, or it scared the shit out of him to the point where he couldn’t bring himself to bark. Either way, it’s equal parts creative and strange.

The dog costume might be weirdly funny, but it has nothing on the Twitter reactions to the photo. While some people thought it was cute, most people felt a little creeped out by a humanoid dog.

This year also introduced us to another guy who showed love to his Golden Retriever, Jolene, when he dressed up as her favorite toy for Halloween. Ben Mesches revealed his life-sized Gumby costume to the unsuspecting dog in a YouTube video, and her reaction brought smiles to millions of viewers. At first, Jolene’s eyes widened as she looked up from her toy Gumby to see a giant one walking in her direction. She then got excited and began to playfully tackle her owner to the ground.

These costumes might represent new goals for the dog people in the world, and we are not sure we’re ready for this new level of puppy love.

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