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There’s this notion that we want to get over it. In most of the cases, while you are traveling to Japan for tourism and shopping, you will hear your friends telling you that Japan is expensive. Nobody wants to agree that there are certain places in Japan where you can get the best deals when you are buying your luxury watch, clothes or accessories. It is hard to argue that Japan is cheap especially in those touristic areas including Tokyo but you can find great prices even in the Tokyo center. In this brief article, we are going to talk about the best time for luxury shopping in Japan and Guide you through.

What’s the best time to go shopping in Japan?

One thing that almost everyone doesn’t know is that the biggest sales in Japan fall somewhere between winter and summer. The main reason for this is that the clothing, accessories and several other items change in price and other dimensions based on the season. Most of the shops want to clear their inventory before the season change and for this reason; it is the best time of the year to get the best deals and discounts.

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Despite the sales durations being long, the discounts are becoming much better. However, if you are shopping for watches, seasons don’t really impact the price. So what’s the best time to get a great deal when shopping for a luxury watch?

If you really want to get a good discount on the next purchase, you should visit these shops when they are having seasonal promotions especially close to festivities. You can get a watch when the shops are offering Valentine offers, Easter offers, Christmas and Ramadan offers.

Where to do luxury shopping in Japan?

There are several places where you can go to get your Hublot watches or any other types of watches for the next gift giving occasion or the next day you want to treat yourself. If you are visiting any city in Japan such as Kyoto, the best places that you should be looking for shouldn’t exceed 5 minutes walk.

You can opt for the Top department store, Takashimaya, Teramachi Street or the Nishiki market. You have to look for those places where artisan ateliers and little boutiques are inter-logged with cafes and restaurants for the next treat.

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If you are visiting Kyoto for a longer period, then you have wide options. Just take time to explore the three main shopping areas.  You can take enough time to explore some of the best places here before you leave Kyoto.

The best place to buy Luxury watches in Japan is Tokyo. In this city, there are several places you can get the best deals. However, there are some challenges that you are likely to encounter. You may have an issue with the language barrier, the payment methods and locating a brand recognized shop. Check the four categories of the shops you will get in Tokyo.

  • The nationwide Pawn shop chains-Here you get used luxury watches. If you want to get designer handbags, it is also the best place for this. They also sell some classic clothes.
  • Independent pawn shops which also sell used luxury watches, handbags and clothes.
  • The specialized watch shops-Here you get a mix of modern used and new watches. A good example is Kamekichi in Nakano and Ginza Raisin in Ginza.
  • The vintage shops-These shops usually have a specialized focus. They usually sell vintage Rolex or Vintage Citizen or JDM Seiko.

Using English to find the best deals

As I had already stated, the main problem that people face here is the language barrier. It’s the biggest frustration you are going to get if you cannot communicate in Japanese. The good thing is that today most of the stores in Japan have tried to learn English. Today at least one attendant in every store can communicate fluently in English. They work as intermediaries between English-speaking customers and a Japanese retailer.

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However, this will only work when you are in the store itself. What if you are on the way and wanted to get a taxi to the mall or needed any other assistance? In this case, you can use signage to locate watch shops and other types of watches in the market. You can also use the internet and GPS to locate other shops. The other thing is that there are several tools in the market that can help you with this. You can at any case get tools such as Yelp or Trip Advisor to find some watch stores.

Another good thing is that the top retailers in Tokyo have English websites and so you can at any time visit their online stores for the best deals. You can as well ask for guidance from their customer service. If this is not the case, then you can at any time get an interpreter to help you along.

Final thoughts

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If you want to get the best deals in this country, then you have to spare enough time. At least you need three full days to shop a good watch, handbag, clothes, and accessories in Japan. We have to admit that Japan is the best destination in the world where you can get the best deals in terms of watches. From the amazing quality, rare models and fair prices of new and used watches in this country, you can be sure you will take something good home.

The other thing is that a lot of energy and legwork is required to survey the entire place and end up getting a good watch or any other item home. If you are visiting this place for an entire week, then it is always a nice idea to save some time and Visit Kyoto and Tokyo for the best deals in terms of clothes, foods, accessories and new and used watches.

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