Tips to Choose a CPA Course

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Before you choose a CPA course, you need to know what to pay attention to. That is why we have listed the most important factors that you need to consider before you find the right course for you. And without further ado, let’s go straight to it.


Heavy courses force you to study in a certain way and waste a lot of time. Search those courses that have easy navigation and also grant flexibility.


Before purchasing, check if the print is fine. Many offer guarantees which require to jump through with limiting hoops.


The exam is rigorous and quality support matters a lot. Choose the subject which makes it easy to connect. Get assistance on tough topics.

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Complex topics are broken down in the lectures to present them clearly and in a more easy way. Always choose the course which has concise and engaging lectures.

Adaptive Learning

Many sites use tricks like ‘adaptive’ learning. Though helpful, but this technology needs a lot to improve. Focus on the courses with detailed analytics.

Pass Rates

One of the worst reason to purchase the course is the pass rates. Note that the passing rate of the exam is just 50%.


Depending upon the interest different students enjoy different subjects. Many offer CPA prep course discounts and courses with lower prices are combined to fit with the learning style.

Question Count

A test-bank can help in passing the exam but this is not everything. Make sure to review the courses which have detailed explanations and great progress analytics to help in learning.

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Try the Course before buying it

It’s good to read the reviews of the courses from the users but also try a few courses. CPA review courses are similar in many ways. Every course has some students who failed it and there are some who passed it. So nobody can guarantee to pass irrespective of what users say. Along with the online version, many offer the physical textbook of the course. The majority of the courses give a study bank of the question to quiz yourself and offer practice exam at the end of the course.

As most of the time is spent in preparing CPA course so must evaluate the offered study material before spending money and precious time. Never fall in their traps that end up paying more than the actual. Many CPA exam courses use the past questions that are retired from the previous exam by the AICP. Those questions do not appear again on the test don’t follow any type of structure to teach the concepts easily.

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Group Study for CPA

Finding a group to study might be tough. The student should connect with the fellow candidates, review your study material, and discuss complex questions. Unfollow the long email threads and empty group study meetings. This is an efficient way to study for the exam together and allow to discuss numerous topics related to the course. Group study forums help the candidates to work together because it directly integrates into the students’ study experience.

Questions and answers help interact with posts that relate to particular problems. This avoids jumping around the study site to find the answer to the question. If some student is facing trouble in any topic, he/she can request help from the group and many other students can provide the solution to that problem.

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