Top 7 Online Movie Streaming Sites for 2018/2019

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Although nothing can top watching movies in cinemas, watching films online from the comfort of your home is just as thrilling. Make yourself popcorn, get your favorite beverage and you can watch it. And while gomovies keep the fans up to date with the latest releases, this is not the only website where you will find new flicks. One more that we can definitely recommend for you to check is the 123movies. Below, you can see top online streaming sites for this and the upcoming year.

Sony Crackle

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Currently, this might be the best place to watch movies. It is owned by Sony Pictures, and there are hundreds of full-length free titles that you can watch whenever your heart desires. You can find mainstream films you skipped in the cinema or opt for some releases which were not often advertised. Either way, the high-quality is guaranteed. However, you will have to sit through commercials every now and then.


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Popcornflix keeps adding new movies on their website, and that is why people keep coming back. There are currently over 1,500 films of all genres including comedy, drama, horror, cartoon HD, documentaries, foreign films, etc. Choose your favorite category and look for the movie you want to see next. It is that easy.


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Another website which has a large collection of films is Viewster. Other than that, people will find several TV shows as well. To enjoy the movie for free, you will have to look at commercials, and it is important to note that blockbusters are difficult to find here. In case you want to explore the movie industry and smaller pictures, this is the place to go. In addition, it works well on lots of devices, which is just another plus.



Several categories can be found here, and one of these is free online movies. You can sort them by rating for example and then choose the one you want to see. Some of the genres that are included here are Animation, Classics, Musical, Western and TV Movie.


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Although it might sound surprising, YouTube can be great for movies. Yes, there’s more to this site than watching cute cat videos. However, finding free films is slightly difficult, but they are rated by viewers. Perhaps that difficulty is what turns people away from YouTube, and they don’t associate it to the movie-watching website.


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SnagFilms comes with a collection of more than 10,000 titles, and you can search by genre, newly added, most viewed and most popular. It is a fantastic website that shows a minimal number of ads, and it is easy to find a film you want to see. However, you cannot comment on whether you liked the movie or not, but it is still one of the best streaming sites online.


Source: Tubi

In case you have never heard about this website, that’s about to change. The reason for it is that there are thousands of free movies and TV shows that you can watch at this very moment. Some of them must be rented, but a large majority is free to watch. And with dozens of categories and genres, this is heaven for film enthusiasts. What’s even better is that you can enable subtitles for most of the films, which means that will not be losing time on finding subs that work.

Luckily, with the ability to access the Internet, we can stream movies online, and it is easier than it sounds. It doesn’t matter which genre is your cup of tea, you will find high-quality flicks at one of these websites. What movie streaming sites you are using? Share it here.

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