Try This New Home Hair Dye Technique



Do you dye your hair at home? If so, this inventive technique from U.K. hair empire Toni & Guy may interest you. It’s one of the easiest-sounding strategies we’ve heard in a long time. All you have to do is braid your hair and paint dye over it, which, reports British Vogue, is “ideal for the time-poor, Interlacing [as the technique is called] aims to give hair a subtle lift of grungy color minus the long-haul wait associated with traditional techniques.”

To create the natural-looking, chunky highlights, braid your hair into three or four sections, beginning the braid as close to your scalp as possible. If you want larger highlights, limit yourself to three sections. But if you want more and thinner streaks, add another section or two. Lightly paint on dye, including the gathering beginning at the root of the hair that’s not yet incorporated into the braid. Our suggestion—since this is a technique meant to produce subtle color variations (like sun-kissed hair), try non-harsh semi-permanent dye, a glaze, or sun-in. [Vogue UK]

Original by Leonora Epstein

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