Ulloo 42, upcycled with a difference and for a purpose

Wendy Stokesby:


Ulloo 42 allows you to keep evolving.

Ulloo 42 is a lifestyle brand that creates one-of-a-kind, unique, upcycled, handmade accessories, furniture, tableware, lighting, and décor.
In an effort to save our planet, to make it free of harmful materials, pollutants and to reduce waste significantly and to encourage recycling Ulloo42 came to life. Brought about by intelligent women with a purpose, who believed in helping our planet whilst making a Statement.
A Statement from recycled to upcycled to original works of art. From jewelry to wallpaper all Ulloo42 products are created for you, crafted by skillful hands desirous of giving you pieces aimed and designed to be head turners and showstoppers.
Ulloo 42, What does it mean? Its name comes from the African word for a special house in and a magic number that is the answer to everything. This name also now means a new Lifestyle Brand created to transform what would be considered waste into beautiful treasures made to enhance unique spaces and sit as centerpieces in your homes and offices and wherever you think beauty should be.

Ulloo 42 pieces are designed with love, with you in mind to accentuate your look and feel. Made to bring fun into any room privileged to claim signature furniture by Ulloo 42. Women are intuitive, and so, we know what you want and what your needs are, and that is why at Ulloo 42, there is something available for everyone – accessories, furniture, tableware, lighting, and décor.
Collection items geared at starting a conversation about you and the planet you live in, and what our responsibility to it is. – To see it thrive and survive – to recycle and upcycle and create originals of beauty to enhance you and the spaces that belong to us. That’s the center of Ulloo 42.
Our collection is an artisanal treasure trove of home furnishings, lifestyle products and fashion accessories run by passionate designers who are forward thinkers and trendsetters. Ulloo 42 is a lifestyle brand dedicated to making bespoke, unique, original pieces.
Just because something is recycled doesn’t mean it can’t be glamorous. Think about you for a minute. Feeling down and out and out of sorts – what’s your picker-upper? As a woman, it’s a makeover from head to toe. Making you awe and transformed into a WoW factor – the new you.
Ulloo42 is the new you. Upcycled into handmade, delicately and uniquely crafted pieces to WoW you, as you accentuate your style from our collection and spread your table with tableware. Place that one-of-a-kind sofa —- right there —- perfection. A Statement made and received.

A house with a special number is Ulloo42, built to reinvent, recycle and upcycle the forgotten into a signature lifestyle brand, unique in its offerings to help our planet whilst making a Statement.

Ulloo42 – embrace it—-want it—-collect it—-have it at www.Ulloo42.com

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