Utilize the Best Technology for your Spray Paint Business

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Spray painting can be a lucrative business and like other industries, the technological developments can make your business more efficient and fluid. Most technological developments in the field of spray booths and paint are to make operations more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and safer to use.

In this post, we will look at how the latest spray paint technology will help your business thrive.

Spray Booths

A vital aspect of your spray painting business is the spray booth. Different booths are needed depending on the type of product you are painting. This is important as the surface coating technology and paint mist extraction systems will vary depending on the type of paint you are applying and what you are applying it to.

Like all industrial applications, a spray booth has to be hard wearing and can endure repeated use. And you need to select one big enough for your business requirements. This includes allowing enough space to meet best practice guidance and to accommodate other aspects such as trolleys and other equipment you need to go into the booth.

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Any booth worth its sort will have good paint extraction systems built in or at least be able to accommodate one.

Paint Transfer Efficiency

Paint transfer efficiency is an important factor and there have been significant developments in technology. In the motor industry especially they are seeing results of 50-60% paint transfer efficiency which is a considerable cost and time saver.

Paint transfer efficiency is generally measured by the amount of paint that remains on a vehicle relative to the amount supplied to the paint applicator. Although this is often measured in the motor industry where costs are significant in terms of spray painting this is an important consideration regardless of your product.

To this end, it is a good idea to research your paint applicators thoroughly to get the best one for your furniture, motor, or machine spray paint operation.

As part of your assessment look at the types of paint, you are using. You may find that some types of paint give better transfer rates than others. Here, you may be faced with quality issues and have to make hard decisions in terms of cost vs. quality.

Paint Mist Extraction System

Good paint mist extraction systems keep your employees safe. The idea is that anything that can cause harm is extracted from the spray booth keeping the working environment safe and clean. This also enables a better finish to be applied to what you are painting.

Once you have extracted and collected the harmful substances you need to arrange adequate disposal. There are options to do this from your local council to specialized businesses geared towards waste management.

The better systems offer robust extraction systems that do the job and make servicing and cleaning easy. All systems of this kind require regular maintenance.

The Best Spray Paint Technology

Once you have installed the best technology your budget allows you will find your business works more effectively and more cost-efficiently. You should look to refresh your technology after a certain time period to keep up to date on what’s available and to get the best finish for your product range.

Continuous improvements in spray booths and paints tend to result in more revenue in the long run.

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