Transform your garden into an exotic paradise

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Tropical gardens can help your mind and body to relax. Adding some tropical plants can upgrade the overall look of your backyard, by giving it a unique appeal. Planting some tropical flowers, trees, bushes, and fruits allow your garden to stay green for the whole year, especially in regions where the climate is warm. One of the best reasons to transform your garden into a tropical one is the color. The plants will offer an exotic bloom, bright colors, and a great smell. They have the power to transform any outdoor place into one that is tropical.

Tropical garden ideas

In warm regions, many tropical plants will keep their color for the whole year. Tropical plants love the summer heat, actually, they thrive in it. A full-sun setting will help this type of landscape design to thrive. Of course, we should not forget that even tropical plants need moisture. So, when you are in the works of designing your garden, it is important to create a water source. The soil has to be rich and should include soil conditioner before plants are added to it. A water garden is another great idea, and you could fill it will tropical flowers such as the Egyptian Papyrus, Elephant Ears, Birds of Paradise, and Canna Lilies. All of these will thrive in water.

Other exotic plants and flowers

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Sometimes referred to as the coral vine, The Queen’ Wreath is native to Mexico and it is able to grow up to 40 feet. Because of its rich color and heart-shaped leaves, many landscapers choose this particular plant to add a pristine feeling to any garden. Its flowers bloom in a pink, white, or coral color from spring to fall.

Cat’s Whiskers is a tropical plant that has white or sometimes purple flowers. It is native to East Asia, but it grows well in humid and warm climates.

The Chinese Lantern is a plant that has tiny white flowers in the spring. However, those small white flowers are not easily noticed, but they are followed by orange husks, similar to round balloons. One of the most interesting things is that in each of the husks is a tiny, scarlet fruit which is edible. This particular plant loves the sun, but too much moisture can be a problem for it.

Companies like the Garden Center in CT can provide you with various types of palm trees that will tie the whole tropical look of your garden together. These companies usually provide you with the possibility to choose the size and type of trees. Palm trees are a perfect way to add a little bit of shade to your garden, so you will be able to relax in your perfectly designed garden even if the temperatures are quite high.

Use natural materials

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Natural materials can make your garden feel cozy and even more natural. You could use furniture that is made from wood, such as bamboo, bark, rattan, and palm leaves. Many of the furniture pieces are have natural colors, and the most common ones are white, beige, and gray. However, if you want to experiment further, you could add color to the furniture, by simply painting them in vivid colors, or paying someone to paint them for you.


By adding exotic and tropical plants, trees, and bushes, you can easily transform your ordinary garden into a tropical one.

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