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Nowadays, many women wish they had bigger breasts than they do. More often than not, we tend to regard women with larger breasts as more attractive. However, not a great number of women are ready to go under a knife to get a cleavage they would be satisfied with. That is why more and more women are searching for the most effective natural way that would provide them with bigger and firmer breasts. So, if you’re not ready to face the risks that come with invasive surgery, natural breast enhancement is the way to go.


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Gaining and losing a lot of weight in a relatively short period of time can drastically change the look of your cleavage. It causes the breasts to drop or give a flat-chested look. Regularly training with weights is the safest and probably the most effective way to reach the desired look and breast size. By building stronger muscles in the chest, your bust size will steadily increase. If you don’t have weights, you can always take cans of food or water bottles filled with water, rocks or sand. You’ll want to do the exercises that focus on the pectorals, back and shoulder muscles.

They will help with your posture and tone the chest muscles. Some of the exercises that are highly recommended are arm circles, pushups, wall presses, chest press extensions, and arm presses. Try doing at least three sets of ten repeats. Of course, you can always visit the gym and consult a gym instructor to see if you’re doing all of the exercises properly.

Fenugreek seeds and onion juice

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Fenugreek seeds seem to help increase breast size since it is a phytoestrogenic herb, meaning it stimulates the two hormones that affect the size of your breasts – estrogen and progesterone. The paste which you can apply and massage gently is made by mixing ¼ of a cup of fenugreek powder with warm water. Depending on the results you want to achieve, you should repeat the process one to two times a day.
Onion juice, mixed with honey and turmeric, can help you get firmer and bigger breasts. This mix should be applied to breasts and left until morning when you can rinse it off with warm water. In case you don’t see any results after a few weeks, you can always consider using breast enhancement pills. They are not too expensive, giving you a 1-month supply for around 35 dollars.

Visual enhancement

You can always use some visual tricks to help you get the cleavage you want. Wearing tops with embellishments in the chest area helps accentuate the breasts and curves. It simply gives the illusion of bigger breasts. Another trick is to wear shirts with horizontal stripes.
Learn to choose the correct bra size! Next to being extremely uncomfortable, wearing the bra that doesn’t fit you perfectly, can also make your breasts look significantly smaller. Push-up bras have been around for a while now and it’s no surprise that they became so popular so quickly. They lift your breasts making them pop and giving them that full look.

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