Plastic Surgery – Yes Or No

Petar Mikonossby:

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As we know, conventional medicine has evolved a lot since its beginnings and now medical staff and surgeons perform a lot of incredible tasks on daily basis. And we should thank good medical schools as well because without these they wouldn’t be able to become experts they now are. On the other hand, we do think that our healthcare system needs to be updated, and that modern integrative medicine approaches should be implemented as well (a holistic approach where physicians inspect all the surrounding factors that could have affected the disease, and not just the damaged organs).

There is one question of debate that has been around for almost a few decades and that is if plastic surgery should or should not be done. And we are not talking about reconstructive surgeries that are a must after an accident or relating certain birth deformities, No, we are talking about the plastic surgeries that people voluntarily decide for either due to a fact that they want bigger lips, breasts, or even a more defined abdominal area. And although plastic surgeries are a widespread occurrence wherever you go, we should ask ourselves is it really that necessary?


What Are The Potential Pros Of A Plastic Surgery

1. While there are certain cons, plastic surgeries do have a few advantages that nobody can deny. First and foremost, plastic surgeries are done by highly-experienced professionals and it is one of the most demanding medicine specialties. Plastic surgery is basically the only option for someone who has experienced an accident that left them with certain physical deformities or burnt skin that now needs to be transplanted or recovered. And by putting trust in an experienced plastic surgeon time like the one SurgeonGate offers chances of recovery are much higher

2. Along with that, plastic surgery allows people to get rid of certain in-birth deformities such as breathing problems.

3. Last but not least, plastic surgery does give people an option to change their looks, and correct something that they don’t like. And while some argue that there is no need for this, it still allows people freedom of choice and change. Everyone’s choice is to be respected, and plastic surgery may help some people feel more confident and overcome their anxiety attacks due to the fact that now they look just like they want to.


The Disadvantages Of A Plastic Surgery

1. Well, first and foremost every surgery has its risks and so does the reconstructive one as well. And no matter how experienced the surgeon team is certain complications might still occur, and there is always a risk of blood infection or recovery complications. For an example, a person has to remain quite inactive for the next few weeks after breast surgery – any excessive sweating or physical activity may lead to potentially life-threatening conditions.

2. On the other hand, plastic surgeries don’t always end up as people have expected, or their imaginary physique look doesn’t look as good in reality. And this can represent a huge problem given the fact that there is no undo button in the medical world. That is why we don’t recommend anyone deciding for surgery until they are completely sure about it and what they want.



Plastic surgery is a medical specialty without which numerous reconstructive and life-changing interventions wouldn’t be performed. On the other hand, it is not something that should become a tool to be misused – plastic surgery can have its benefits, and you can feel more confident given your new looks, but unless you are really sure about it and people around you support it, don’t risk it and enjoy the way you are!

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