What Are Massage Therapy, The Types, And Benefits?

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So many people think that a massage is only done when someone needs to relax. Well, that is not true. Apart from just relaxing, massage is also used as therapy to ease and improve health. There are different types of massages administered using different techniques. Every type of massage has its benefits, especially to human health.

Types of massage

As we have mentioned earlier, there several types of massages. Every massage has its benefit to the health of the body. Various techniques and therapies are done to achieve a specific purpose to the human body. Below are some of the types of massages that are beneficial:

  1. Swedish massage therapy

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This is a type of massage therapy that is common and done in so many massage clinics. It is also offered in the gym and any wellness center. Lotions are used or oil. Therapists administer this type of massage beginning with general strokes then proceed with specific strokes meant to address a specific problem.

  1. Shiatsu therapy

This is a type of massage therapy done by applying pressure to more specified parts of the body. The pressure must also be of specific intensity. This massage is administered to improve body health and body energetic flow.

  1. Tissue massage

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This is a type of therapeutic massage that is more specific. Many people who need this type of therapy concentrate on the wellness of their muscles. Connective tissues are also the target of this kind of therapy. When you have injuries, pain, strain, or postural problems, the best therapy is tissue massage therapy.

  1. Pregnancy massage

Well, with pregnancy, nothing is simple. At one point or another, you will need a therapeutic massage. This is a type of massage that is also known as prenatal massage. This is massage done to help an expecting mother to relax and have a smooth pregnancy period.

  1. Sports massage

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With people involved in sporting activities, there is obviously a lot of muscle movement that is involved. The movements can be the cause of muscle strain that will need massage therapy.

The above mentioned are some of the massage therapy that is common. Santa Monica Massage Therapy is very important to the health of humans. Below are some of the benefits of massage

Benefits of massage

  1. Helps to relax

When the body is under stress and somehow tense, unhealthy hormones are produced. These unhealthy hormones can be a source of weight gain or weight loss, lack of sleep, indigestion, and also a severe headache. According to statistics, therapeutic massage can be helpful to reduce cortisol levels.

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  1. Muscle relaxation

The reason to do massage therapy is to help muscle relax. There is a specific type of massage aiming at eliminating muscles that are tense and help increase flexibility.


Massage therapy is very important for human health. It is being used under different circumstances to improve the body’s health. When administered, the body relaxes and also helps in the circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients.

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    No professional massage therapist would have a client crank their neck into 90 degree rotation for an extended period, let alone bent backward by a folded towel. The article lost all credibility when we observed the lovely model smiling blissfully, sacrificing her health for marketing appeal.

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