What Are The Best IO Games?

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Since the first IO game was released in 2015, they have been very popular with more and more coming out ever since. The main reason for that was YouTube let’s plays with notable YouTubers such as Markiplier and Jackseptieye being the front runners of “promoting” IO games.

Almost five years have passed since Agar.io was released, and in this article, we are going to tell you the best ones to come out since.

1. Agar.io

Img source: agar.live

It all started with Agar.io, and it’s because it gave players a really fun experience playing it. It instantly hooked players with hours of endless fun.  The main objective of Agar.io is to have fun. Furthermore, you start as a little small circle, and your objective is to eat up everything smaller than you in order to get bigger. As you get bigger, you can eat bigger players around you and get even bigger. The objective of the game is to become the biggest circle and continue to grow because you never know when someone bigger than you is going to show up and consume you.

2. Slither.io

Img source: Titotu.io

Slither.io is another fun and addictive IO game that is simplistic in design and competitive in nature. In Slither.io you start as a small snake (much like Agar.io), and your objective at the start is to eat up non-players around you to grow bigger. As you grow bigger, your snake expands and takes more of the playing surface. Be careful not to greed too much and try to eat a bigger opponent than you because you will lose and lose all your progress.

3. Diep.io

Img source: diep.io/

Diep.io is another title from the amazing IO games that are competitive by nature. Like Agar.io, it is one of the older games but different than the previous two. You play as a tank, and you have to destroy stuff in order to upgrade your tank. The beauty of Diep.io is that there are so many upgrades to choose from. Do you fancy long-range weaponry? Then choose the sniper model. If you feel like going for more control and fire rate, then a triple barrel or double barrel is your preferred tactic. There are so many game modes to choose from as well. There is a 50v50 game mode, mothership mode (which is essentially the Thanos Fortnite mode, team mode, and many more).

4. Zombs.io

Img source: YouTube

Have you ever played games like Minecraft, Terraria, or Don’t Starve, and Don’t Starve Together? If you have (and you like those games) then Zombs.io is your cup of tea. In Zombs.io, you need to establish a base and keep your gold safe as long as you possibly can from the various zombies and hordes that are trying to destroy you. As each wave’s progress, the zombies get longer, and the waves get longer. You will need to upgrade your base and turrets in order to prolong the game as much as you can, which is essentially the objective of it.

5. Goons.io

Img source: YouTube

Goons.io is the IO game equivalent to hack and slash games. In Goons.io, you play as a painted blob, and your objective is to slay enemies by pressing the left-click of the mouse and using W to flee. Be careful as your flee meter has to recharge, so you need to be smart in how you use it. In Goons.io timing is everything, and it’s what gives Goons.io the last spot on our list despite the endless IO games available.

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